IBM Informix JDBC Driver

Version 3.70

Quick Start Guide

This guide describes a quick and easy way to install the product.

Product overview

The IBM Informix Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Driver lets Java programmers access Informix databases from within Java applications or applets. Programmers can create client applications that use JDBC to connect to an Informix database server, retrieve data from the database, and handle errors. The Informix JDBC Driver can also be used for writing user-defined routines that are run on an Informix database server. The IBM Informix JDBC Driver is compatible with the JavaSoft JDBC specifications. The Informix JDBC Driver maps standard Java data types and Informix data types.

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of Informix and the Informix JDBC Driver.

Architecture of the Informix database server and the JDBC Driver. Shows the database server, with the JDBC API and JDBC Driver running on top of Informix. The JDBC API provides connectivity to multiple client applications.

Step 1: Access your software

You can install the IBM Informix JDBC Driver 3.70 from the provided installation media. You can also download the product from this website:

The installation package includes:
  • Product documentation
  • IBM Informix JDBC Driver 3.70

Step 2: Access your documentation

For installation information, see the jdbc4pg.pdf file in the /doc directory of the installation package.

For information about using the IBM Informix JDBC Driver, see the IBM Informix JDBC Driver Programmer's Guide in the Informix information center at

For important information that supplements the Informix JDBC Driver documentation, see the release notes file (jdbcrel.htm) in the /doc directory in the installation media.

Step 3: Install the Informix JDBC Driver

Prerequisite: You must be running Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5 or later.

To install the Informix JDBC Driver:
  1. Go to the directory where the installation files are located and run one of the following commands:
    For graphical mode
    java -jar dir/setup.jar -i gui
    For console mode
    java -jar dir/setup.jar -i console
    where dir is the location of the setup.jar file.
  2. Follow the instructions in the installation application to install the product.

More information

For more information about the Informix JDBC Driver and additional installation options, go to

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