IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit

Version 4.10

Quick Start Guide

This guide describes a quick and easy way to install the product.

Product overview

IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) is a collection of components that are used to develop and run client applications that connect to the IBM Informix database server.

IBM Informix Connect is a runtime connectivity product that is composed of runtime libraries that are included in Client SDK. You can install either Client SDK or Informix Connect for runtime connectivity. You do not need to install both products.

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of Client SDK and Informix Connect.

Architecture of Informix Client Software Development Kit, Informix Connect, and Informix database servers

Step 1: Access the software

Access the included software. If you download the software, follow the directions that are at

You can select which of the following components to install:
  • IBM Data Server Driver, Version 10.1 FP2 (Windows only) (This component can be selected only if you are installing Client SDK.)
  • IBM Informix .NET Provider, Version 4.10, (Windows only)
  • IBM Informix ESQL/C with XA support, Version 4.10
  • IBM Informix GLS, Version 6.00
  • IBM Informix OLE DB Provider, Version 4.10 (Windows only)
  • IBM Informix ODBC Driver, Version 4.10
  • IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix, Version 3.14 (Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, and Windows 32-bit only)
  • IBM Informix Object Interface for C++, Version 4.10

Step 2: Access the documentation

For system requirements, go to

For complete documentation, see the Informix Information Center at

For installation instructions, see the following topics:

Step 3: Read the online notes

The most current version of the product notes and information about known and fixed defects are in the Information Center at:
  • Release notes: Describe new features that were added to Client SDK 4.10 and Informix Connect 4.10.
  • Machine notes: Describe platform-specific actions that you must take to configure and use Client SDK 4.10 or Informix Connect 4.10 on your computer.
  • Known and fixed defects: Describe fixed and existing customer-reported defects for Client SDK 4.10.

Step 4: Install Client SDK or Informix Connect

OAT for Informix is installed by default during a typical installation of Client SDK or Informix Connect onto Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, and Windows 32-bit systems. Use the custom installation option if you do not want to install OAT.

More information

For product support, go to the IBM Support Portal at

If you have comments or feedback about this guide, you can send email to