IBM Informix

Version 12.10

Quick Start Guide

This guide describes a quick and easy way to install the product.

Product overview

IBM Informix is an extensible, object-relational database server that can run on UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Language support includes, but is not limited to, SQL, C, C++, .NET, Java, and PHP.

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of Informix and related products:

Diagram shows Informix as core of the database system, with the following options: BladeManager, two DataBlade products, SPL, and two UDRs. Client, development, and administration tools, and DataBlade modules, are outside of Informix core.

All Informix product packages include the following components:
  • IBM Informix Version 12.10: Manages one or more databases for one or more client applications.
  • IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit 4.10: You can develop and run client applications with Client SDK.
An Informix package includes some or all of the following associated products, depending on which programs are applicable to your operating system:
  • IBM Informix JDBC Driver Version 4.10: Connect to an Informix database from within a Java application or applet. You can also use the JDBC Driver for writing user-defined routines (UDRs) that are executed in the server.
  • IBM Informix DataBlade® Developers Kit (DBDK) 4.20: Develop and package DataBlade modules with these tools.
  • IBM Informix BladeManager 4.20: Register and unregister DataBlade modules.
  • IBM Informix Web DataBlade Module 4.13: Create web applications that incorporate data that is retrieved dynamically from an Informix database server.
  • International Language Supplement 3.50: Access the core Global Language Support (GLS) locale files.
  • IBM Data Studio 4.1: Develop and test SQL and XQuery queries, stored procedures, web services, and Java data access layers.

Step 1: Access the software

Access the included software. If you download the software, follow the directions that are at

Step 2: Access the documentation

Get the latest installation and product information in the Informix Information Center at For system requirements, go to

Step 3: Read the release, documentation, and machine notes.

The most current version of the product notes and information about known and fixed defects are in the Information Center at: Some products have readme files in their top directories.

Step 4: Review the Informix upgrade options

To upgrade an earlier version of Informix to Version 12.10, see the Migrating and upgrading section at

Step 5: Install Informix

In a typical install, the database server is up and running after you install it. If you choose not to create and configure an instance during installation, you must configure the database server and initialize disk space after installation is complete. To start the installation application on your computer:
  • UNIX and Linux: Go to the directory where the installation files are located, and run the ids_install -i gui command.
  • Mac OS X: Click the dmg icon in the installation media, and double-click the icon to start the installation application.
  • Windows: Extract the files, maintaining the folder structure that is delivered in the media, and then double-click the ids_install.exe file.

Step 6: Operate the database server

UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X: Run the onmode command to stop the server and the oninit command to start the server. Include command options to customize how the server starts or stops.

Windows: The Informix service automatically stops the server when you shut down your computer and starts the server when Windows starts.

More information

For product support, go to the IBM Support Portal at

If you have comments or feedback about this guide, you can send email to