Wichtiger Hinweis für IBM Db2 Kunden

Mit den beiden Announcements ZP19-0261 und ZP19-081 vom 4. Juni 2019 kündigt IBM eine Umstellung des Db2 Portfolios an.

IBM wird zukünftig das Db2 Datenbanksystem über drei Editionen positionieren:

  • Db2 Community Edition
  • Db2 Standard Edition
  • Db2 Advanced Edition

Die Lizenzierung der Db2 Standard- und Db2 Advanced Edition wird ausschließlich über die Virtual Processor Core Metrik (VPC) erfolgen
(oder für nicht produktive Systeme über Authorized User). Für bestehende Lizenzierungen sind Umrechnungen auf VPCs vorgesehen.

Aktuell in Umstellung ist die Db2 Workgroup Edition, für die keine Neulizenzierung und ab dem 1.11.2019 auch keine Wartungsverlängerung mehr angeboten wird. Es erfolgt eine Umstellung auf die Db2 Standard Edition und VPC Lizenzierung.

Für eine Umrechnung ihrer Lizenzen nach VPCs, werden Db2 Kunden gebeten sich im ihrem IBM Vertriebspartner in Verbindung zu setzen.


IBM DB2 V11.1 Packaging and Pricing Update July 2016

Main changes announced in ZP16-0191 and ENUS916-003 in July 2016 released.
Short overview about the important impacts:

 Main changes
  • New Packaging Enhancements
  • DB2 Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise Edition price increase (about 10%)
  • DB2 Workgroup Edition includes additional features at a much lower price (decrease about 36%)
  • DB2 Workgroup Edition Socket pricing metric is no longer available
  • DB2 Express Edition is no longer available, migration path is DB2 Workgroup Edition
  • DB2 Express-C (Community Edition) will still be provided
  • DB2 Direct license offers an attractive price for deploying DB2 in the cloud or on premise using a Virtual Processor Core Metric
  • Database Encryption is now included in all DB2 V11.1 editions with no additional charge
  • Base Federation is included in all DB2 Editions (DB2 and Informix)

  • DB2 Version 10.5 and all Business Value Offerings are being withdrawn from marketing on September 30th, 2016
  • DB2 V9.7, 10.1 will be end of service on September 30th, 2017
  • DB2 Express Server Edition withdraw from marketing on September 30th, 2016 – Replacement part: DB2 Workgroup Server Edition

 DB2 V11 major features included
  • Improved enterprise encryption support
  • Faster up and running for pureScale installation
  • New Sync and Near-Sync support for HADR in a pureScale environment
  • Additional support for Power Linux Little-endian (LE) and pureScale
  • Virtualization support of RDMA adapters in a VMWare environment
  • Higher throughput in large database systems
  • Easier upgrade process and direct upgrade from 9.7 systems
  • BLU support on MPP clusters
  • Faster query processing for BLU queries and support for generated columns, row and column access control and additional functions pushed down into the columnar engine
  • Additional SQL support in DB2 including some Postgres syntax, new data types and many new functions
  • A new code page for BLU systems (Codepage 819 for European languages)

DB2 11.1 Packaging news & changes

Database Encryption
  • Database Encryption is now included in all DB2 V11.1 editions with no additional charge
Base Federation
  • Base Federation is now included in all DB2 Editions (DB2 and Informix)

    DB2 11.1 now includes data federation and virtualization through a robust SQL interface and a full relational database engine designed for global optimization of data access. This capability offers homogeneous or heterogeneous federation (depending on the DB2 Edition) between select IBM and non-IBM database products. You can quickly prototype and implement solutions involving disparate databases by virtualizing access and optimizing performance. Data can remain in place for both transactional as well as analytical workloads. DB2 Advanced Server editions include all of the wrappers that are part of the federation support. The DB2 Workgroup and Enterprise Edition products only include support for connecting to DB2 and Informix targets.
DB2 Express & Express-C Edition
  • The DB2 express version will no longer be offered in DB2 V11.
    Existing customers will be migrated to the DB2 Workgroup Edition.
  • DB2 Express-C (Community Edition - free and unsupported version) will still be provided.
    For customers who need support Workgroup Server Edition is the entry point.
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
  • In order to make the Workgroup Edition more appealing to customers, the price has been reduced significantly (decrease about 36%) and
  • numbers of additional features have been included into the package including:
    - pureScale Standby Node Option
    - Table partitioning, Encryption
    - Multi-dimensional Clustering
    - Federation (DB2 & Informix only)
  • The one big change in the licensing of DB2 Workgroup Edition is that there is no longer a cap on the size of database. The core limit remains the same (16 cores), but the amount of main memory has increased to 128GB.
  • The Socket pricing metric for Workgroup Edition is no longer available in this release.
    However, existing customers will continue to pay S&S on this metric, but new customers will not be able to purchase this feature.
Enterprise Edition
  • There are no limits on the cores, memory or database size with Enterprise Edition.
  • In order to make the Enterprise Edition more appealing to customers a number of additional features have been included into the package including:
    - pureScale Standby Node Option
    - Table partitioning, Encryption
    - Materialized Query Tables
    - Multi-dimensional Clustering
    - Federation (DB2 & Informix only)
Optional products

There are two optional products that customers may want to purchase for Workgroup or Enterprise Edition:

  • DB2 Performance Management Offering (WLM)
    which is part of the Data Server Manager Enterprise Edition. This offering helps organizations manage their DB2 databases across the enterprise through tooling that has a common integrated console, enhanced simplicity, improved performance and scalability, and simplified workflow with actionable recommendations.
  • DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 11.1
    is available in conjunction with the DB2 11.1 database release. This feature consists of advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction tools that can help you improve data availability, mitigate risk, and accelerate crucial administrative tasks when time is of the essence.
Advanced Workgroup and Advanced Enterprise Edition
  • As with the prior release of DB2 Version 10.5, the Advanced versions of Workgroup and Enterprise Edition include all features for one single price.
  • New in this release is the Federated feature which includes connectivity to DB2, Informix, and a large number of other relational and unstructured data sources.
  • There are three products that are included as part of the Advanced Editions that have limits on the amount of users that they can have. These features are:
    - DB2 Connect included for using SQW tooling to access DB2 for z and DB2 for i
    - InfoSphere Data Architect limited to 10 authorized users
    - Cognos Analytics limited to 5 authorized users
  • The only optional product that customers may want to consider is the Advanced Recovery Feature.
    This feature consists of advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction tools that can help you improve data availability, mitigate risk, and accelerate crucial administrative tasks when time is of the essence. New features of the tools include support for DB2 11.1, including using the tools with DB2 native encryption.
DB2 Direct Editions
  • DB2 Version V11.1 includes a new delivery mechanism for licensing.
  • The DB2 Direct Editions are intended to make it easier for a customer to acquire DB2 licenses for cloud deployments. It doesn't matter where the customer places their DB2 server, on premise or on cloud. They are licensed by the number of Virtual Processor core (VPC). The license is totally flexible and can be moved between platforms without any change in license fees. Note that this license is an OPEX (Operating Expense) license. The customer is renting or leasing the DB2 license. The price includes the use of the product as well as service and support. If the license is not renewed, the customer has no valid license to run the database.
  • There are two DB2 Direct editions, depending on what the database requirements are:
    - DB2 Direct Standard Edition 11.1 - has all of the database features of DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
    - DB2 Direct Advanced Edition 11.1 - has all of the database features of DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition

Pricing Juli 2016

  • The price increase announced in June 2016 include a 10% increase for DB2 Advanced Server Edition and DB2 Enterprise Server Edition.
  • The price decrease for DB2 Workgroup Edition (PVU) & (AUSI) is about 36% to offer this Edition as a new entry point for DB2.

End of Marketing for DB2 Version 10.5 and Features

End of marketing means that customers will not be able to purchase DB2 Version 10.5 after the end of September, 2016. At that time they will only be able to purchase DB2 Version 11.1.

End of Marketing for DB2 Version 10.5 (September 30th, 2016)
  • All DB2 Editions and features/offerings
  • Performance Management Feature Version 10.5
  • Tools and DB2 Connect Version 10.5
End of Marketing for DB2 Business Value Offerings
  • IBM DB2 Encryption Offering Provides data encryption at rest, and
  • IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering
    both now included in Workgroup and Enterprise Editions in 11.1 without charge
    Existing customers will drop S&S on feature once Instance upgraded to 11.1
  • IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering
    Provides columnar and dynamic in-memory acceleration
    Existing customers get a license exchange to Advanced Workgroup (AWSE) or Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE)

For those customers who purchased any of the Business Value Offerings, they will be migrated to a different license of DB2 depending on which license they had when they purchased the BVO. The Encryption and BAC Offering will bundled with every version of DB2, so customers that purchased that feature will no longer have to pay service and support on it. Customers with the DB2 BLU BVO can request a manual license migration from WSE/ESE + BLU to AWSE/AESE.


view blue 64x64IBM DB2 11.1 with BLU Acceleration,
the multiworkload database software for the next generation of database deployments
ENUSZP16-0191, dated April 12, 2016

view blue 64x64Software withdrawal and support discontinuance: IBM DB2 selected products
ENUSZP16-0003, dated April 12, 2016

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