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  • Informix 14 Doku (11.04.19)
    Installation Informix 14.10 - neue Installationsroutine - Online Dokumentation hier einsehen
  • Admin-Scout 2.3 - Übersicht neue Features in Version 2.3 (24.05.2019)
    Schwerpunkt Security - Task-Scheduler - Cluster-Konfiguration - DBSpace Layout History
  • IIUG 2019 (02.07.2019)

    IIUG World 2019

    International Informix Users Group
  • Informix VPC Lizenzierung (03.05.19)
    Virtual Processor Core - die sinnvolle Alternative in der Prozessor Lizenzierung
  • Informix SSL Verbindung (15.05.2019)
    Mit wenigen Kommandos eine sichere SSL-Verbindung für Informix Server und Clients einrichten
  • Informix 14 Datenblatt (12.04.19)
    Informix 14.10 - aktuelle Produktbeschreibung der IBM - hier zum Download!
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Internet of Things Data:
How to Use Embedded Database & Streaming Analytics for Value (12.08.2014)

Event Date:       Aug 12, 2014
Event Time:       12:00 PM (Eastern Time) / 18:00 CET

Sara Willett
Program Director Informix Internet of Things

Jacques Roy
Executive IT Specialist, WW Technical Sales, Big Data
InfoSphere Streams

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by consumer demand for new services and convenience, as well as by the availability of low cost sensors, smart phones, and universal internet access. New technologies can enable you to take advantage of this new natural resource through gateway processing, cloud infrastructure and distributed real-time analytics.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the 3-tier IoT architecture including edge devices, gateways, and cloud
  • Derive the importance of a gateway database for local processing and storage of data from your edge devices
  • Act in real time with sophisticated analysis of your streaming data for time sensitive decisions.

Register for this webinar to learn more about the latest technology enabling the Internet of Things across devices, sensors, gateways and the cloud for connected environments. See how bringing an intelligent mix of technologies from an enterprise-class database to the “edge” and real-time analytics on consolidated data provides a competitive advantage in the Internet of Things.

InformationWeek Webinar sponsored by IBM - more informations ...

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