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Die IBM Announcement Letters sind verbindliche Mitteilungen der IBM zur Positionierung, der Lizenzierung und für den Vertrieb der Produkte.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1
delivers additional chargeable component features
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP14-0385 - 22.07.2014)
This announcement contains the new Cognos BI parts & rolesAchtung-80x80


IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence V10.2.1 provides the following new features to give you visibility into your businesses' past, present and future performance.

This release allows your organization to:

  • Include forward looking patterns, trends and scores alongside your existing report data.
  • Identify risks and new opportunities early to shape future business success.
  • Help make confident decisions and improve operational efficiency to reach goals faster.

This is the announcement for the following licenses & parts:

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Forward Looking Analytics Architect
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics Administrator
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics Explorer
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics User
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Information Distribution

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