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Die IBM Announcement Letters sind verbindliche Mitteilungen der IBM zur Positionierung, der Lizenzierung und für den Vertrieb der Produkte.

IBM DB2 10.1 for Linux , UNIX and Windows
makes it easier for you to develop database applications, and helps you speed your database application deployment
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP12-0093 - 03.04.2012)

IBM DB2 10.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW) delivers new capabilities that can help you save time and money. DB2 10.1 can help you reduce the complexity of management, improve the productivity of your developers and database administrators, ease the effort and expense of deploying new applications, and take advantage of query performance and compression improvements to help lower your overall data management cost.

DB2 10.1 LUW offers greater management efficiency. Multi-temperature storage helps you to leverage different types of storage to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost with integrated management of storage groups to migrate hot, warm, and cold data to the appropriate class of storage. New Row and Column Access Control provides you with easy and flexible rule and role definitions to manage and control data accesses for enhanced security and the building of multi-tenant applications. Continuous Data Ingest is designed to enable you to transparently load data from external sources into DB2 databases without downtime for integrated real-time analysis and decision making. (...)

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