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IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration
the multi-workload database software for the era of big data, improves performance while helping to reduce storage costs
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP13-0262 - 23.04.2013)

IBM DB2 10.5 for Linux , UNIX , and Windows delivers powerful new capabilities and streamlined packaging that can help reduce database costs while improving performance, reliability, and flexibility. DB2 10.5 for Linux , UNIX , and Windows offers:

  • Analytics at the speed of thought - New in-memory hybrid technology yields faster analytics without the costs or limits of in-memory only systems.
  • Always available transactions - Boost operations and decrease costly downtime with improved availability and enhanced disaster recovery up to thousands of kilometers.
  • Future-proof versatility - Expand and modernize applications and infrastructure with new mobile capabilities; work even more seamlessly with applications originally written for Oracle Database.
  • Unprecedented affordability - Take advantage of analytics at the speed of thought, always available transactions, and future-proof versatility - all in one product! No extras are needed.
  • Easy choices - Fast, reliable, affordable, future-proof capabilities in six easy packages are tailored for your business needs by features and capacity.

Business strategies are driving applications that are more diverse than ever. Growth and innovation strategies push the need to explore big data, analytics, mobile, cloud, and social. At the same time, funds are not limitless and data management investments must be fast, reliable, affordable, future-proof, and versatile - even multi-purpose. That is why DB2 10.5 with new BLU Acceleration is a game changer for clients looking to accomplish more with less.

Analytics at the speed of thought. DB2's new BLU Acceleration feature is in-memory hybrid column-organized table technology designed to yield faster analytics from data warehousing without the costs or limits of in-memory only systems. It speeds analytics and reporting with a combination of in-memory and column store data retrieval, maximized CPU processing, and data skipping that allows for faster input/output.

Always available transactions. Stuff happens. Keep your business up and running with DB2's pureScale clustering technology. It helps to ensure your transaction processing is highly available and extremely scalable no matter what life brings. It is designed to avoid both planned and unplanned outages and provide disaster recovery up to thousands of kilometers, which means virtually no costly downtime even with maintenance. Perform maintenance during the week, or add a node during application testing, and users will never know the difference. With high availability disaster recovery, and online fix pack updates as well as application transparency, managing your data just got a whole lot easier.

Future-proof versatility. The addition of mobile and enhancements to NoSQL capabilities allow clients to expand and modernize applications now and ensure IT infrastructure is ready for the future. Expanded Oracle database compatibility continues DB2's legacy of infrastructure flexibility and differentiates DB2 from stack-only vendors' products.

Unprecedented affordability. Unlike in-memory alternatives, DB2 10.5 with new BLU Acceleration uses an in-memory hybrid column-organized table approach. Placing only the most-used data in memory means money is not wasted on RAM for data rarely accessed. Many in-memory analytics accelerators come only as an appliance, forcing you to buy costly hardware you may not need. DB2 with BLU Acceleration offers flexibility to deploy in-memory speed on infrastructure you already have.

Easy choices. Take advantage of fast, reliable, affordable, future-proof capabilities in six easy packages. Access the functionality you need, with no "cherry picking" required. DB2 10.5 editions are tailored for your business needs by features and capacity.  (...)

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