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Ankündigungsschreiben der IBM

Die IBM Announcement Letters sind verbindliche Mitteilungen der IBM zur Positionierung, der Lizenzierung und für den Vertrieb der Produkte.

IBM DB2 on Cloud V1.0
offers the rich features of an on-premises DB2 deployment
without the cost and complexity of managing your own infrastructure
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP16-0001 - 12.04.2016)


DB2 on Cloud provides a database as a service on your choice of either IBM SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure or Amazon Web Services. It offers the rich features of an on-premises DB2 deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure. Based on DB2 software, DB2 on Cloud can support multiple database instances that can either be configured as analytic warehouses or optimized for online transaction processing applications.

While DB2 on Cloud is configured to support creating and managing databases for online transaction processing applications, it gives you the flexibility to create your own instances for analytic or mixed workloads. Use of this offering can reduce the time required to provision and deploy DB2 so that more resources can be devoted to developing new solutions and innovation.

dashDB Entry and Enterprise Transactional plans both provide a dedicated instance of a managed transactional databases for the IBM Bluemix application development environments. The entry plan provides solid performance on virtual private nodes at an affordable price point. The enterprise plan provides robust performance on bare metal nodes for more demanding application workloads. Both plans offer differentiated capabilities when compared with competitive offerings.

IBM DB2 on Cloud provides the following OLTP capabilities:

  • Accelerated and simplified deployment. Takes advantage of IBM DB2 without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.
  • Native encryption to ensure control of data. Leverage the benefits of infrastructure as a service with the confidence of knowing your data is encrypted in flight, while in use, and at rest.
  • Optimized performance and enhanced security. Experience speed and reliability with a private virtual machine or dedicated bare-metal.
  • A solution sized to meet your business demands. Keep infrastructure costs in line with the changing needs of the business with four preconfigured sizes.
  • Ability to migrate on-premises Oracle databases to DB2 in the cloud, providing SQL compatibility support for Oracle Database applications.

Download the complete Announcement here:

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