ENUS211 148 560xIBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition
brings new levels of performance to analytics
(IBM Software Announcement ENUS211-148, dated dated March 29, 2011)


IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition is a high-performance offering for IBM Informix, delivering dramatically faster analytic query responses transparently to users when compared to an existing Informix environment without the capabilities available with the Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition. It integrates into an IBM Informix data warehouse environment, providing high-performance query software that is based on advanced in-memory technology.

The IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition consists of the following components:

• IBM Informix Ultimate Edition
• IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator
• IBM Informix Storage Optimization Feature

IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition addresses the following client challenges:

• Long-running queries with unpredictable response time that do not allow for adhoc processing
• Need for DBA to tune the system, with increasingly inadequate results, due to the ad hoc, unpredictable nature of the data warehouse / analytical requests
• Leveraging the same database server environment for mixed workloads

Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition provides:

• Faster query response times on unpredictable and long-running query workloads
• Help in lowering operating costs by reducing database tuning efforts
• Improved performance on analytical queries compared to your existing Informix environment
• The ability to run mixed workloads

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