ENUS14 0452 560xIBM Informix Advanced Developer Edition V12.10
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP14-0452 - 19.08.2014)

The Advanced Developer Edition V12.10, based on IBM® Informix® Advanced Enterprise Edition V12.10, is licensed in a way that matches requirements for preproduction development activities. Specifically, it is licensed to use the Authorized User metric so that a customers can name users to do the pre-production activities, such as testing, performance evaluation, and quality assurance, before deploying applications in production based on Informix.

Effective May, 2013, Informix is no longer included in the Database Developer Edition. For details, refer to Software Announcement ZP13-0191, dated March 26, 2013. This new edition provides both a path for new customers of Informix and previous customers who use the Database Developer Edition want to move to the latest Informix edition. As needed, existing entitlements of Database Developer Edition and associated support may be exchanged for Informix Advanced Developer Edition at a 1:1 Authorized User ratio.

The Informix Advanced Developer Edition contains the features of IBM Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition with a new software license that restricts usage to nonproduction
activities. On an Authorized User basis, the license permits customers to evaluate and test all features of Informix.

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