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IBM DB2 News

IBM Db2 im SAP Umfeld 
zweitägiger technischer Workshop in Walldorf (13./14.09.2017)

Einladung der IBM zum einem zweitägiger technischen Workshop vom 13. - 14. September 2017 in Walldorf 

Db2 ist eine leistungsstarke, ausfallsichere und gut optimierte Datenbank für SAP Anwendungen. Um das hohe Level zu halten, kommen ständig eine Vielzahl von innovativen Funktionen und Features hinzu.
Dieser Workshop bietet die Gelegenheit, die neusten Db2 Technologien für SAP Software kennenzulernen, und deren Einsatz, sowie die daraus resultierenden Vorteile, zu bewerten. Des weiteren werden die SAP "in-Memory" Optimierungen, die ebenfalls mit Db2 verfügbar sind, aufgezeigt und anhand einer Live Demonstration dargestellt.

Der Workshop richtet sich an SAP Basis Administratoren und DBAs.

Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist kostenfrei!

(Reisekosten sind nicht inbegriffen).

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Die IBM freut sich auf Ihren Besuch in Walldorf!
ZP17 0056 560x276IBM Data Management Bundle
enables deployment of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop, and IBM dashDB local to optimize data management within hybrid data environments
(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP17-0056, dated May 16, 2017)


IBM® Data Management Bundle V1.0 brings a new licensing option to increase flexibility and enable you to deploy a combination of offerings to better manage your hybrid data environment. Based upon deployment needs, a combination of the following offerings can now be deployed to the extent covered by the specific entitlement:
IBM DB2® for Linux™, UNIX™, and Windows™
IBM dashDB™ Local
IBM BigInsights® for Apache Hadoop V4.2
This flexibility helps to optimize the investment associated with shifting data back and forth within the hybrid data environment, based on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows; dashDB Local; or BigInsights for Apache Hadoop V4.2. 

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IBM DB2 für SAP Lösungen - aktuelle Situation und Ausblick 
SAP Briefing in Walldorf (29./30.11.2016)

Hochkarätige Experten wie z.B. Matt Huras, Lead Architekt aus Toronto Lab und Phil Downey, IBM Analytics Plattform Program Manager, geben einen Ein- und Überblick über die aktuelle Marktsituation von DB2 im SAP Umfeld und zeigen die gemeinsame Entwicklungs Roadmap von IBM DB2 und SAP auf.


29th November

  • 18:30 - Welcome reception at the hotel "Winzerhof" in Rauenberg

30th November

  • 09:30 - Registration und Welcome
  • 10:15 - DB2-SAP News and V11 Update
  • 11:15 - Coffee Break
  • 11:45 - Massive Performance Improvement with In-Memory
  • 12:30 - Live Demo SAP BW with DB2 BLU

  • 13:00 - Lunch

  • 13:45 - DB2 BLU customer experiences
  • 14:15 - SAP Database Market View

  • 14:45 - Coffee Break

  • 15:15 - DB2 Roadmap
  • 16:15 - IBM Watson (Analytics & Cognitive & DataLake & IoT)
  • 16:45 - Customer Roundtable Discussion
  • 17:30 - End

Dieses Briefing richtet sich an IT Leiter und verantwortliche Experten, die sich über Datenbanken und die neuesten Funktionen von DB2 BLU im SAP Umfeld informieren möchten. Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist kostenfrei, (Reisekosten sind nicht inbegriffen).

Sie wollen an diesem Briefing teilnehmen?
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Unter folgender Adresse: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
und dem Betreff "Anmeldung: IBM DB2 Briefing for SAP Customers and Partners"

Die IBM freut sich auf Ihren Besuch in Walldorf!

IBM DB2 V11.1 Packaging and Pricing Update July 2016

Main changes announced in ZP16-0191 and ENUS916-003 in July 2016 released.
Short overview about the important impacts:

 Main changes
  • New Packaging Enhancements
  • DB2 Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise Edition price increase (about 10%)
  • DB2 Workgroup Edition includes additional features at a much lower price (decrease about 36%)
  • DB2 Workgroup Edition Socket pricing metric is no longer available
  • DB2 Express Edition is no longer available, migration path is DB2 Workgroup Edition
  • DB2 Express-C (Community Edition) will still be provided
  • DB2 Direct license offers an attractive price for deploying DB2 in the cloud or on premise using a Virtual Processor Core Metric
  • Database Encryption is now included in all DB2 V11.1 editions with no additional charge
  • Base Federation is included in all DB2 Editions (DB2 and Informix)

  • DB2 Version 10.5 and all Business Value Offerings are being withdrawn from marketing on September 30th, 2016
  • DB2 V9.7, 10.1 will be end of service on September 30th, 2017
  • DB2 Express Server Edition withdraw from marketing on September 30th, 2016 – Replacement part: DB2 Workgroup Server Edition

 DB2 V11 major features included
  • Improved enterprise encryption support
  • Faster up and running for pureScale installation
  • New Sync and Near-Sync support for HADR in a pureScale environment
  • Additional support for Power Linux Little-endian (LE) and pureScale
  • Virtualization support of RDMA adapters in a VMWare environment
  • Higher throughput in large database systems
  • Easier upgrade process and direct upgrade from 9.7 systems
  • BLU support on MPP clusters
  • Faster query processing for BLU queries and support for generated columns, row and column access control and additional functions pushed down into the columnar engine
  • Additional SQL support in DB2 including some Postgres syntax, new data types and many new functions
  • A new code page for BLU systems (Codepage 819 for European languages)

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IBM DB2 11.1 with BLU Acceleration,
the multiworkload database software for the next generation of database deployments
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP16-0191 - 12.04.2016)

IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows is the transformation data platform for transactional and analytical workloads in the era of digital, cloud, and cognitive. It provides continuous availability of data to keep transactional and analytics operations at maximum efficiency. It ensures that access to data is not impacted by any planned or unplanned downtime. DB2 11.1 scales to new heights of performance by enabling its BLU Acceleration capability to be deployed across a massively parallel processing (MPP) network cluster architecture to improve response time. In addition, DB2 11.1 enhances the simplicity of pureScale deployments for transactional workloads and the administration of pureScale clusters. The native encryption feature is also enhanced to support the industry ISKLM standard for key management across the organization.

New sources of data. Leveraging all data. With the flexibility and simplicity of DB2, clients can deploy the software on-premises or on the cloud to use data from the next-generation type of applications, born-on-the-cloud applications, sensors, web, and mobile-based applications.

Actionable insight. Capture the time value of data. The dynamic, in-memory, column-organized table technology is designed to yield faster analytics from data warehousing without the costs or limits of in-memory only systems. It speeds analytics and reporting with a combination of in-memory and column store data retrieval, optimized use of CPU resources, and data skipping that enables faster input/output. It results in faster response time and quicker actions for the line of business.

New users, new buyers, and new ways of working. Providing insights everywhere. With DB2 business data is always available to keep your businesses up and running with DB2 pureScale clustering technology. It helps to ensure that your transaction processing is highly available and extremely scalable. DB2 pureScale technology is designed to avoid both planned and unplanned outages and ensure disaster recovery up to thousands of miles. This means virtually no costly downtime.

New economics. Lowering the barriers to new business models. With its different deployment options DB2 offers greater flexibility to extend the reach of the enterprise beyond the walls of the enterprise. Also, unlike other in-memory data store alternatives, DB2 11.1 with BLU Acceleration uses a dynamic, in-memory hybrid column-organized table approach that places only frequently used data in memory to accelerate queries. Thus, unnecessary data does not consume memory resources.

Transformative platform. Making the infrastructure adapt with your business. Businesses need to adapt their business processes to changing consumer behavior. Therefore, they need to eliminate barriers for their developers to innovate quickly and promptly to stay ahead of the competition. DB2, both on-premises and on the cloud, enables the same experience and features to help with transitions between on-premises and cloud business.

Take advantage of fast, reliable, affordable, and future-proof capabilities in five different packages. Access only the function you need. DB2 11.1 editions are tailored for your business needs by features, capacity, and cost.

In addition to the database server enhancements found in version 11, the associated tools (such as DB2 Performance Management Offering with Data Server Manager, DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature, and DB2 Connect) have also been enhanced to deliver additional capabilities and compatibility across the DB2 11.1 release.

DB2 Direct Standard Edition 11.1 and DB2 Direct Advanced Edition 11.1

DB2 Direct Standard Edition and DB2 Direct Advanced Edition introduce a set of new license metrics to facilitate hybrid cloud deployments. The DB2 Direct Editions deliver the same DB2 functions using a newly introduced simplified license metric, the Virtual Processor Core (VPC) sold as a monthly license charge. You can acquire the product directly online and have the option to deploy either on-premises or on cloud.

DB2 Direct Standard Edition encompasses all of the database features of DB2 Workgroup Server Edition. DB2 Direct Advanced Edition has all of the database features of DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition.

DB2 Connect 11.1

DB2 Connect 11.1 improves connectivity, ease of application deployment, high availability, and security for applications that connect to either DB2 for z/OS or DB2 for i. It is designed to manage your enterprise information, no matter where it is stored. For those enterprises that have made DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i servers the cornerstone of their agile business, DB2 Connect delivers application enablement and a robust, highly scalable communications infrastructure for connecting web, Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to data.

DB2 Connect 11.1 integrates IBM System z, DB2 for i, and other enterprise data with client/server, web, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. Version 11.1 delivers significant feature enhancements to improve programmer productivity, deliver a more robust infrastructure, and enable the flexible deployment of DB2 Connect technology. DB2 Connect can also help you reduce administration costs with advances in performance, manageability, and installation.

DB2 Connect Advanced Editions enhance your ability to rely on the security and reliability of existing DB2 server investments, use the flexibility and ease of new programming languages and tools, and support efforts to increase the performance and security of database applications. Using the IBM pureQuery technology that is included in the advanced editions of DB2 Connect, you can boost the SQL execution performance of your data server while helping to protect your data from SQL injection attacks and other types of database application security risks. In addition, with DB2 Connect Unlimited Advanced Edition, IBM Configuration Manager for z/ OS can help you improve the manageability of your connectivity and DB2 z/OS environment.

DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 11.1

DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 11.1 is a new feature available with the DB2 11.1 database release. This feature is a bundle of advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction tools that can help you improve data availability, mitigate risk, and accelerate crucial administrative tasks when time is of the essence. New releases of each of the individual tools are also available. New features include support for DB2 11.1, including using the tools with DB2 native encryption. The Advanced Recovery Feature bundle contains new releases of the following tools:

  • DB2 Merge Backup for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V3.1
  • DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V5.1
  • IBM OptimTM High Performance Unload for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V6.1

Trial versions of the DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature are available on developerWorks or as part of the DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition, DB2 Advanced Server Edition, and the DB2 Developer Edition.

Download the complete Announcement here:

i16-04-12-IBM-DB2-11-1-with-BLU-Acceleration-ENUSZP16-0191-(2016-04) HOT File Size 152.92 KB Date 2016-04-12 Download

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IBM DB2 on Cloud V1.0
offers the rich features of an on-premises DB2 deployment
without the cost and complexity of managing your own infrastructure
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP16-0001 - 12.04.2016)


DB2 on Cloud provides a database as a service on your choice of either IBM SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure or Amazon Web Services. It offers the rich features of an on-premises DB2 deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure. Based on DB2 software, DB2 on Cloud can support multiple database instances that can either be configured as analytic warehouses or optimized for online transaction processing applications.

While DB2 on Cloud is configured to support creating and managing databases for online transaction processing applications, it gives you the flexibility to create your own instances for analytic or mixed workloads. Use of this offering can reduce the time required to provision and deploy DB2 so that more resources can be devoted to developing new solutions and innovation.

dashDB Entry and Enterprise Transactional plans both provide a dedicated instance of a managed transactional databases for the IBM Bluemix application development environments. The entry plan provides solid performance on virtual private nodes at an affordable price point. The enterprise plan provides robust performance on bare metal nodes for more demanding application workloads. Both plans offer differentiated capabilities when compared with competitive offerings.

IBM DB2 on Cloud provides the following OLTP capabilities:

  • Accelerated and simplified deployment. Takes advantage of IBM DB2 without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.
  • Native encryption to ensure control of data. Leverage the benefits of infrastructure as a service with the confidence of knowing your data is encrypted in flight, while in use, and at rest.
  • Optimized performance and enhanced security. Experience speed and reliability with a private virtual machine or dedicated bare-metal.
  • A solution sized to meet your business demands. Keep infrastructure costs in line with the changing needs of the business with four preconfigured sizes.
  • Ability to migrate on-premises Oracle databases to DB2 in the cloud, providing SQL compatibility support for Oracle Database applications.

Download the complete Announcement here:

i16-04-12-IBM-DB2-on-cloud-v1-0-ENUSZP16-0001-(2016-04) HOT File Size 79.65 KB Date 2016-04-12 Download

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