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  • Informix 14 Docu (11.04.19)
    Important - Informix 14.10 comes with a new installation routine!
  • Informix 14 Solution Brief (12.04.19)
    Actual IBM Solution Brief for Informix 14.10 - download here!
  • Informix SSL Connection (15.05.2019)
    How to set up a secure SSL connection for Informix servers and clients with a few commands
  • IIUG 2019 (02.07.2019)

    IIUG World 2019

    International Informix Users Group
  • Virtual Processor Core licensing (03.05.19)
    Virtual Processor Core - the most useful alternative in processor licensing Informix
  • Admin-Scout 2.3 - Übersicht neue Features in Version 2.3 (24.05.2019)
    Focus on Security - Task-Scheduler - Cluster-Configuration - DBSpace Layout History
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Informix Enterprise Data Management 24461484-XS-200x140
for the Internet-of-Things

Informix Chat with the Lab Webinar

The amount of technical devices which share data through a network rises explosively. Gartner predicts for the year 2020 30 billion connected devices. The different ways with which they communicate with each other will automatize our every-day-life further - accompanied by a flood of permanently new produced data that has to be hold in readiness.

The Informix Chat with the Lab Webinar of the 25.03.2014 deals in excellent manner with this topic. So we decided to make a part of the presentation accessible to you on our site.

Take a look into the basics of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Experience which changes for companies - but also in the private environment - will appear through the proceeding automating and why Informix the predestined data base for IoT is.

To this topic two videos have been uploaded recently to the IBM Informix Channel to which we hint here: (YouTube IBM Informix Channel - Internet-of-Things with IBM Informix)
The Chat with the Lab recordings are published regularly by the IBM in the Developer Works Wiki. There you can access further presentations (Chat wih the Lab).

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