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IBM embedded Solution Software with CURSOR

Do you fly OEM?



When was the last time you flew?

Remember the start, the moment in which the jet engine unfolds its full thrust – you are pressed into your seat, the plane vibrates and the wheels leave the ground. Can you imagine that you rely completely on OEM products in this moment?

Did you know that the market leaders for airliners Boeing and Airbus do not manufacture jet engines?

The thrust comes from Rolls-Royce or General Electric, the wheels are labeled with Continental, Michelin or Goodyear – these are some of the many OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturer - who provide airplane components - Companies which care with their products for you to start and land safely.

You fly OEM!

OEM is already a common code of practice in the industrial production. Specialization, partnership and trust are the base which makes OEM a concept of corporate success. Not only in an airplane we rely on the performances of our partners, connect building blocks, produce more conveniently and create new things in shortest time.

This principle can also be applied on good software.

If you produce software and technological as well as economic advantages are essential, check the use of IBM components.

With the  Embedded Solution Licensing (ESA) IBM opens its software portfolio for the OEM principle.

IBM ESA Software is IBM Software, especially for the integration into the software of partners. Unfold the full thrust of the IBM for your software, your customers and your business.

Start with us - Your CURSOR Software AG!!

Make the IBM to a part of your business





IBM ESA Licensing is a concept that offers you much more than just convenient software:

  • It is about licensing which fits to sour business model,
  • it is about the protection of your customers,
  • it is about your service,
  • it is about the evolution of your market,
  • it is about time
  • and of course it is about conditions which fit to your solution’s value creation.

IBM ESA Distributors – like we, the CURSOR Software AG, care for that you will get in all fields an IBM which fits to your business. Assure yourself of how easy it is, to integrate IBM components and to keep all strings in your hand at the same time.

 IBM ESA Software




The software

The IBM offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure- and solution components. Innately designed for integration is IBM Software industry tested and is based on open standards. ESA licensing is available for nearly all IBM Software Products.

This creates a lot of possibilities:

Create with the use of IBM database systems a secure and efficient base for your data management. DB2 and Informix have been approved for decades in numerous applications and techno-logically forward-looking, if it comes to new challenges.

Develop new market segments. Expand for example with Cognos or SPSS your scale of performance through significant analyzes and forecasts – for the decision-makers and your customers.

Shorten the development time of your solution with the integration of complete subareas.

Address quickly recent themes like security or social-media. The IBM Security Portfolio provides comprehensive solutions for the data security. Offer your customers the possibility to use BigData analyzes or IBM Social-Media Analytics, to detect recent trends directly.

One solution from one hand



The licensing

You distribute the IBM components as a part of your solution and with your license contract. Additional agreements with your customers concerning the IBM components will not be necessary. You are the only licenser.

With this you offer your customer a solution from one hand – your software.

Decide on your own how much IBM you want to reveal. You do not have to hint to the use of IBM components, but you can, if you want to make a statement for your performance profile.

Your customers stay your customers


Your customers

The ESA concept protects you and your market. The respect for you as a key partner for the distribution is a firm part of the ESA concept. The IBM expects no information about your customers. Your customers stay anonym. You are and remain the only contact person for your customers, for your software and also for the IBM products.

The separation between your business and the IBM is ensured by independent ESA Distributors like us. We, the CURSOR Software AG, are your contact person for the acquisition of the IBM Software in all operative concerns.

Your service stays your service

Your Service

The principle of integration and protection of your market applies also to the product maintenance. In the course of your solution you provide maintenance and service performances for your customers.

You close maintenance contracts for the IBM components and you acquire updates and support directly from your ESA Distributor.

In contrary to IBM Passport-Advantage or models of other manufacturers the product maintenance will remain up to you and will not be transferred to the manufacturer of the components after a year.

Assure your customer connection with long term support contracts. Participate in the advancement of the IBM products and increase your profit with support- and update maintenance.

It is your business – it is your profit

Your earnings

The economic advantages of an ESA partnership are obvious. You as solution specialist know your customers and the market. You provide the IBM components with the integration into your solutions indirectly and without any additional inputs. Thereby the work that you do for the distribution of your solution supports also the integrated IBM components.

You take care of the distribution – the IBM offers in return the, to your market fitting buying conditions.

Use the convenient ESA pricing to maximize the profit of your solution.

Make the IBM products’ maintenance and support to an over years calculable factor for your company.

CURSOR is your partner

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We are your partner

The CURSOR Software AG is an IBM ESA-Master-Distributor and your contact for the whole field around IBM ESA.

With more than 25 years of experience in IBM OEM/ESA distribution we support you right from the start.

Talk to us! Learn which services as full service distributor we can offer our customers!

Your contact person:

Erik Stahlhut
Head of CURSOR Service Distribution
Fon +49 641/ 400 00 – 300
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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