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We are your Partner

Cooperative partnership is the key to the success together.

Talk to us about the requirements of your software. Together, we will think about a way to make the IBM database technology a beneficial contribution to your solution – technical and financial.

We are more than a distributor. We are the link between you and IBM.

We offer IBM software without BIG BLUE.

IBM inquired

Together we are strong – our work for your success:Frage-29728308-160x112

From experience, we know that our partner has its own point of view on details. Their generous idea does not always fit for every individual at a closer inspection. We pick up questions of our partners and maintain an active dialogue with IBM about product features, licensing, and marketing for years.

Sales-Related Information

Euro-38312213-160x113Current and reliable information about products, prices, and sales.

Whether release upgrade or strategic reorientation, we keep you up-to-date.

Marketing & Sales

Nummer1-58668977-160x107Of course, we support you when you want to enthrall your clients for IBM software.

Joint actions.

Service on our Website

Leistung-16557403-160x164For registered users and partners, we offer additional information and tools. An overview of the most important menu items and consumption stages, you can find here.

License Management

Lizenzen-29728282-160x112Keep the overview.

Our license management can reduce parts your work and provides safety and revenues.

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