IBM Cognos Announcement Letters

The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

IBM Cognos TM1 10.1
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP12-0027 - 07.02.2012)

For the best business outcomes, your company needs to plan, forecast, and budget effectively. You must also get the right information to the right people in the form they need it, and be able to make changes quickly. IBM® Cognos® TM1® V10.1 provides a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting nvironment that supports the full range of business requirements. It provides an on-demand approach to consolidating, viewing, and editing enormous volumes of multidimensional data. Using a patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP server, IBM Cognos TM1 V10.1 enables on-demand analytics for complex data or large data sets with real-time query and calculation performance enabling dynamic planning and forecasting - and reforecasting. (...)

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