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Cognos BI Update 2014-07
neue Artikel und Ersetzungen

Mit den beiden Announcements Nr.: ZP14-0385 vom 22 Juli 2014 und ZP14-0407 vom 29. Juli 2014, stellt die IBM das überarbeitete Portfolio für Cognos Business Intelligence vor.

Fünf neue Produktgruppen bzw. Rollen lassen sich zukünftig unterschieden. Bestehende Lizenzen sollen überwiegend im Rahmen der Wartung - ohne zusätzliches Trade-Up - auf die neuen Artikel überführt werden.

Nachfolgende Tabelle fasst die wesentlichen sich aus den beiden Announcements ergebenden Änderungen zusammen und gibt eine Übersicht zu den neu hinzugekommenen Produkten bzw. den vorgesehenen Ersetzungen.

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Cognos BI Update 2014-07 - Frequently Asked

Cognos-BI-Update-FAQ-250x187cCognos Business Intelligence - 
New License Model

Cognos BI 10. 2. 1 Pricing and Licensing Changes (Summer Update)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the pricing changes for this release?
  2. What add-on capabilities exist for the new licenses?
  3. How is this change affect Cognos BI PowerPlay customers?
  4. Can Series 7 customers trade-up to the new licenses?
  5. Is this change applicable to PA and FCT customers also?
  6. What is happening with legacy studios such as Analysis, Query, Metrics and Transformer?
  7. How does trade-up to BI Advanced changes?
  8. Do Series 7 customers can still trade-up to BI Advanced?
  9. Why don't we have trade-up parts from FLBI Architect and Analytic Administrator to BI Advanced?
  10. 1In simplifying the license model, how do existing customers get mapped to the new parts?
  11. Why was IBM Connections uncoupled? Will the uncoupling result in an increased S&S for the customer?
  12. When is the license migration (withdrawal of previous parts and replacing them with new parts) happen for all customers?
  13. How are customers advised of this change?
  14. Can I still sell “legacy” licenses to existing customers?
  15. What happens to my customer with Metrics Manager and Metric Studio Add-on licenses?
  16. My BI customer is planning to add TM1 as a database - what would be the best licensing scenario for them?
  17. Will existing roles lose capabilities?
  18. Does Analytics Explorer require FLBI Admin, or can I just use the AA?
  19. What happens to existing BI Recipient licenses on the AU price metric? Will existing customers be able to purchase additional licenses?
  20. The ICAS for BI in FLAA has a 400 PVU limit - what happens when the customer wants to exceed that limit?
  21. Does information Distribution have Mobile Capabilities, if so how do they differ from Analytics User Mobile cap
  22. What edition (what capabilities) of SPSS Modeler is included in Analytics Architect?

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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 delivers additional chargeable component features

This announcement contains the new Cognos BI parts & roles


IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence V10.2.1 provides the following new features to give you visibility into your businesses' past, present and future performance.

This release allows your organization to:

  • Include forward looking patterns, trends and scores alongside your existing report data.
  • Identify risks and new opportunities early to shape future business success.
  • Help make confident decisions and improve operational efficiency to reach goals faster.

This is the announcement for the following licenses & parts:

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Forward Looking Analytics Architect
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics Administrator
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics Explorer
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analytics User
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Information Distribution

 icon  i14-08-05-IBM-Cognos-Business-Intelligence-V10.2.1-delivers-additional-chargeable-component-features-(ENUSZP14-0385-July-22-2014)

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