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Software withdrawal:
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
component features
Some replacements available

Effective on the dates listed below, IBM® will withdraw from marketing, part numbers from the following product release(s) licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence has moved to a more simplified license model with fewer license roles to address customer feedback. This withdrawal moves customers to this new license model where all users will be able to access increased functionality. For example, capabilities such as Cognos Workspace Advanced, which provides more user self sufficiency, will now be available to all roles. Some customers may see changes in their software subscription and support renewals. The software subscription and support team is prepared to help our clients navigate through these changes on their annual renewal anniversary date.

As announced last year, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence will no longer ship IBM Connections. We recognize the ability to collaborate is critical to an organization's success. This migration will provide a full entitlement as outlined below which customers can optionally choose to renew their subscription and support. For more information about IBM Connections, refer to


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IBM Cognos Insight


Personal analytics for the desktop

IBM Cognos Insight - the easy access to the IBM Cognos world.  ibm-az-187x30

IBM Cognos Insight
Personal Edition

The Personal Edition is the IBM's appetizer, as a free of charge version for a free trial.

Download, installation and analyses in just a few minutes!
A free trial for the personal, non-commercial use!


IBM Cognos Insight Standard Edition

The Standard Edition offers the whole scope of functions and is the move to work professionally with IBM Cognos.

Business Intelligence and Business Analysis -
personalized for individual analyses and strategies.


IBM Cognos Insight is a personal analysis solution with which users can survey, analyze, visualize and use data together, without the support of the IT-department.

In just a few minutes user-defined applications, dashboards and visualizations can be created by analysts and division managers to master own and the workgroup concerning requirements.


Creation of attractive visualizations for the presentation of information, meaningful and significant fitted to your role and your division in the company.

You can use numerous types of diagrams and predefined concept themes to influence style and optic quality. The results are presented in the to the task best fitting form.


Filter your results on the basis of the relationship between associated information groups and use simple search functions for detailed analyses of a specific element in a group.

Existing data can be added and combined or reworked. With the help of high performance functions for data distribution changes can automatically be applied on big data sets.


Optimization of results through "what if"-analysis when processing.

Create a connection with an IBM Cognos TM1-strategy application, operate detailed "what if"-scenario models with both company related and personal data and integrate them directly into the centrally administrated plan.


IBM Cognos Insight offers outstanding functions for data interactivity, analysis and visualization for single desktop users.

Import, combination and analysis of data on the desktop including personal data, archived business relevant data, data bases and more.

The data can be dissected and analyzed by mouse clicking to present it in the for your problem and company most adequate way.

Share and use applications on the basis of Cognos Insight in a work group or in the whole company.


Interested in IBM Cognos Insight?

You can find the IBM Cognos Insight download and further important information around the start with Cognos Insight on our
Cognos Insight Starter Page c181.

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