• Db2 11.5 (11.10.19)
    IBM Db2 V11.5
    Four editions - two license models
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IBM Db2 database systems for purchasers

IBM Db2 licence texts

Here you find a selection of actual license texts to the IBM DB2 products.

When it comes to the details licensing can be a complicated, yet rewarding subject. The right licensing creates security for the application and cost benefits in their use.

If for existing or planned installations, we advise you willingly if you have license questions to DB2.

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IBM Db2 Workgroup replaced by Db2 Standard Edition V11.5

IBM announces important changes in the Db2 portfolio with Announcement  ZP19-0261 and  ZP19-081 of June 4, 2019

IBM will offer the Db2 database system only over three editions:

The Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced Edition will be licensed only through the Virtual Processor Core Metric (VPC)
(or for non-productive systems by Authorized Users). For existing licensing, conversions to VPCs will be provided.

The Db2 Workgroup Edition is currently in conversion. No new licenses will be offered for it and from 1.11.2019 no maintenance extensions will be offered. There will be a conversion to the Db2 Standard Edition and VPC licensing.

Customers using Db2 Workgroup Edition now have to check their current and future licensing.
After a conversion to VPC licensing, they may be significantly underlicensed!

For more details on the conversion, with replacements and conversion factors, please click here ...

IBM Db2 11.5 Editions and licensing

Four editions - two license models

In May 2020, IBM will add a fourth edition to its Db2 database fleet. The new Db2 Base Edition takes over the role of the Db2 Standard Edition in the segment for small and medium-sized applications. For this purpose, the Db2 Standard Edition was transferred to the upper middle class with a price adjustment according to its performance range.

The Db2 Community Edition offers a free entry into the world of Db2. All editions have the full range of functions of the Db2 database system. The differentiation of the editions is based on a few parameters, such as memory, CPU cores or database size. High-end in the Db2 portfolio remains the Db2 Advanced Edition as unlimited version.

In the context of the regrouping, the licensing has been greatly simplified. In productive use, the Virtual Processor Core licensing is the uniform licensing model for Db2 Base, Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced Edition. For development and test environments IBM offers the Db2 Standard and the Db2 Advanced Edition also according to the Authorized User Model.

This article briefly introduces the new editions, explains the licensing and provides background information with references to IBM sources.

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