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IBM Announcements Db2


The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

ENUSZP18 0406 560x240IBM Db2 on Cloud offers Disaster Recovery Node on demand
for storing mirrored copy of database in data center of your choice
(IBM Europe Announcement ZP18-0406, dated July 10, 2018)


IBM Db2 on Cloud offers a simplified database solution that is purpose-built for massive amounts of data. This solution is a fully managed service and designed for transactional workloads. No setup is required and IBM handles maintenance and updates, such as backups and security.

New in Db2 on Cloud

The Db2 on Cloud Disaster Recovery Node can now be added on demand. The Disaster Recovery Node provides the capability to keep a mirrored copy of your database in an offsite IBM CloudTM data center of your choice, regardless of distance.

• Uses Db2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) technology.
• Enables users to fail over to the Disaster Recovery Node and back with a few clicks.

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ENUSZP18-0072IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud adds a new plan offering
independent, on-demand scaling of storage and compute,
enhanced backup and restore, and significant improvements in high availability
(IBM Europe Announcement ZP18-0072, dated January 30, 2018)


IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a fully managed, enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse service that enables true hybrid data warehousing. To complement the existing SMP and MPP plans, a Flex plan is available that offers the performance of MPP with greater flexibility for consumption and deployment of storage and compute resources. The Flex plan packages three key capabilities: independent scaling of storage and compute, self-service backup and restore, and significant improvements in high availability.

With the Flex plan, clients can fully customize their data warehouse, with the option to increase compute cores during heavy database use. Once the extra demand on the warehouse has subsided, clients can scale back down to reduce their costs. In addition, the Flex plan offers immediate storage expansion, so clients can start with the initial storage they need and increase capacity with a few clicks at a later date to accommodate data growth.

The new Flex plan also gives clients more control over their database backups. With self-service backups, clients can keep up to seven backups of their database. They can choose the time of day their backups are taken, and restore from one of these backups whenever they choose. Significant improvements in service availability have also been made through the IBM Cloud Container Service.

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ENUSZP17 0708 560x247IBM Db2 Enterprise Family Bundle
offers deployment flexibility and a powerful analytics engine to optimize data management within hybrid data environments

(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP17-0708, dated December 12, 2017)


IBM(R) Db2(R) Enterprise Family Bundle V1.0 brings a new licensing option to increase flexibility and enable you to deploy a combination of offerings to better manage your hybrid data environment. This flexibility helps to optimize the investment associated with shifting data back and forth within the hybrid data environment. Based upon deployment needs, a combination of the following offerings can now be deployed to the extent covered by the specific entitlement:

• IBM Db2 Enterprise Server Edition
• IBM Db2 Warehouse
• IBM Db2 Event Store

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ENUSZP17 0470 560x267IBM Db2 on Cloud
enables larger database workloads on Bluemix Dedicated private cloud infrastructure service, bringing public cloud service to private cloud clients

(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP17-0470, dated September 5, 2017)


IBM Db2 on Cloud (previously known as dashDBTM for Transactions) now offers larger database workloads on IBM Bluemix(R) Dedicated private cloud infrastructure service. Previously available for Db2 on Cloud on the Bluemix public cloud, this new IBM Cloud Service enables sensitive industries using IBM's private cloud service to leverage a simplified database solution that is fully managed and designed for massive amounts of data. IBM Db2 on Cloud is designed to provide private cloud clients with:

• An easy, problem-free way to run Db2. No setup is required and IBM handles maintenance and updates, such as backups and security.
• Optimized storage capacity of up to 48 cores, 1 TB of RAM, and 11 TB of storage space
• An easy-to-use web console for importing and running SQL and administrating the system.
• High availability plans that can minimize downtime. These plans offer a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement and rolling updates for security patches.

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ENUSZP17 0457 560x198Revised naming for IBM Db2 family products

(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP17-0457, dated July 18, 2017)


IBM(R) Db2 is the database of choice for enterprise-wide solutions because it offers extreme performance, flexibility, scalability, and reliability for any size organization. IBM is organizing around the Db2 brand and, as a result, there will be name changes to all of the Db2 offerings. The dashDBTM family will now be renamed to Db2 and DB2(R) will now be referred to as Db2.:

The program numbers, part numbers, terms and conditions, and pricing will remain the same. The program names, service descriptions, and license information documents are updated to reflect the new names. The part number descriptions are updated to reflect the changes to the program names embedded in the descriptions.

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