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IBM WebSphere MQ Advanced for Developers V7.5
provides an option for purchase and deployment of WebSphere MQ Advanced licenses solely for development use.
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP13-0149 - 19.03.2013)

IBM® WebSphere® MQ Advanced for Developers V7.5 includes:

Licensing via Authorized User Single Install option benefits developers working on applications for WebSphere MQ environments.New charge metric allows developers to have a dedicated copy of WebSphere MQ Advanced. It increases their skills in using WebSphere MQ to verifying WebSphere MQ programs are fully unit tested before moving them to system test and production in shared-use environments.

WebSphere MQ Advanced for Developers provides the full WebSphere MQ Advanced package, restricted for development use and chargeable by Authorized User Single Install. This gives developers access to all the features of WebSphere MQ Advanced V7.5. it enables simple, rapid, reliable, and secure transport of data and messages between applications, systems, and services for development environments.  (...)

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