IBM Db2 Announcement Letters

The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

IBM DB2 for z/OS Value Unit Edition and IBM IMS Database Value Unit Edition deliver new and enhanced features
Software Announcement (ZP13-0502, dated October 1, 2013)
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP13-0502 - 01.10.2013)

IBM® DB2® 11 for z/OS® Value Unit Edition and IBM IMSTM Database Value Unit Edition, V13 offer the base product and optional features using a one-timecharge (OTC) metric for Eligible Workloads (as defined) running in System z® New Application License Charges (zNALC) logical partitions (LPARs).

• Take advantage of this new pricing option specifically for Eligible Workloads.
• Achieve competitive advantage and cost savings by using the unique, industryleading virtualization and workload management capabilities of IMS and Systemz.
• Consolidate and increase the number of various workloads onto a single System z ; save money through simplified system administration

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