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The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

IBM DB2 Offering - add
business value to applications
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP15-0035 - 20.01.2015)

Businesses are increasingly interested and focused in extracting value out of their IT spending. Funds are not limitless and data management investments must be targeted and provide value to the business and business owners. Product packaging alone may not afford the flexibility required to meet these objectives, therefore, many organizations want to choose and select from the capabilities and features they require. As a result, IBM® DB2® Encryption Offering, IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering, IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering, and IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering address these needs. Organizations are able to purchase add-on solutions and capabilities, which add specific IBM DB2 capability and targeted business value to their DB2 environments.

  • IBM DB2 Encryption Offering
    provides data encryption at rest to assist businesses with security and regulatory requirements.

  • IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering
    provides the continuous availability of IBM DB2 pureScale® technology, at a lower cost, for those organizations that do not need the scaling capabilities, yet want to benefit from the reliability and availability provided by DB2 pureScale.

  • IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering
    provides columnar and dynamic in-memory acceleration to accelerate business intelligence workloads and also allows for the use of shadow table technology.

  • IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering
    delivers enterprise class performance management capabilities that allow you to manage performance across your DB2 deployments and integrates with your existing DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition performance management capabilities.

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