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IBM Db2 inquiries and order

Our work is all about the integration of IBM Software into your products or solutions. This requires, that your company a software producer, IT-service provider or hardware trader is that uses and distributes IBM Software together with its solutions.

The IBM offers especially for these companies (ISV/TP) an application specific licensing (ESA/OEM), this means adequate IBM Software to very convenient conditions, custom fitted for your needs.

If you are not yet an ESA/OEM distribution partner, contact us. We advise you willingly and help you with your registration as IBM ISV/TP. Your way to an ESA/OEM distribution partner.

Inquiries about Db2 products

It is easy: Use our Db2 license calculator.

Based on your demand, the installation environment and your special requests our calculators help dialogue operated to find the right product edition and the most convenient license model for you. A downstream inquiry form converts your demand into an inquiry and we will contact you.

Of course you can address your inquiry about Db2 products also directly to us, by telephone, in an online chat or via e-mail - come to us!

We are your contact
Erik Stahlhut  

Erik Stahlhut

Head of business division CURSOR Service Distribution

Telephone:       +49 (0) 641 / 40 000 300

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Juergen Storch  

Jürgen Storch

IBM ESA contract- and license management

Telephone:        +49 (0) 641 / 40 000 311

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We accept your orders or questions via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Basic conditions and further information
  • All offered IBM products are only licensed as ESA- respectively OEM-licenses.
  • An acquisition requires a registration and recognition of the holder as ESA/ISV/TP by the IBM (IBM ISV/TP declaration of accession).
  • The Licensing occurs only on the basis of a guilty, between the IBM and the license holder.
  • The licensee (ISV/TP) is obliged to combine the IBM products with their own products or special services and distribute.
  • All new licenses include 12 months product maintenance from the date of processing of the order by the IBM.
  • Delivered exclusively in electronic form for downloading on the pages of CURSOR Software AG, if necessary for a few products from the download portal of IBM.
  • Deliveries and services are provided based solely on General Terms and Conditions.
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