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IBM DB2 V11.1 Editions - licensing & limits Comparison

The following table summarizes the charge metrics and resource limits applicable to each edition of DB2 11.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows:
DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
DB2 Enterprise Server Edition  
DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition 
DB2 Developer Edition
Pricing Metric          
- Authorized User Single Install  AUSI  AUSI  AUSI  AUSI  AU
- Processor Value Unit  PVU  PVU  PVU  PVU  -
- Virtual Server  -  -  -  VS  -
- Terabyte  TB  -  TB  -  -
Processor Core Limit
(number of cores)
 n.a.  n.a.  16 (1)  16  n.a.
Processor Socket Limit
(number of sockets)
 n.a.  n.a.  4 (2)  4  n.a.
DB Instance Memory Limitation  n.a.  n.a.  128 GB (1)  128 GB  n.a.
DB2 Direct Advanced Edition
Pricing Metric      
DB2 Direct Standard Edition 
- Virtual Processor Core  VPC      VPC  
Processor Core Limit
(number of cores)
 n.a.      16  
DB Instance Memory Limitation  n.a.      128 GB  
( 1 ) Applies to the AUSI and PVU metrics only
( 2 ) Applies to the TB metric only

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