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developerWorks-logo-331x49cCompare the distributed DB2 10.5
database servers

In a side-by-side comparison table, the authors make it easy to understand the basic licensingrules, functions, and feature differences among the members of the distributed DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows server family as of June 14, 2013.

Amyris Rada - IBM Senior Information Developer, DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Roman Melnyk, B. - IBM Canada, DB2 Information Development

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IBM DB2 Offering - add business value to applications

DB2-Offerings-to-add-value-250x125Businesses are increasingly interested and focused in extracting value out of their IT spending. Funds are not limitless and data management investments must be targeted and provide value to the business and business owners. Product packaging alone may not afford the flexibility required to meet these objectives, therefore, many organizations want to choose and select from the capabilities and features they require. As a result, IBM® DB2® Encryption Offering, IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering, IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering, and IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering address these needs. Organizations are able to purchase add-on solutions and capabilities, which add specific IBM DB2 capability and targeted business value to their DB2 environments.

  • IBM DB2 Encryption Offering
    provides data encryption at rest to assist businesses with security and regulatory requirements.

  • IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering
    provides the continuous availability of IBM DB2 pureScale® technology, at a lower cost, for those organizations that do not need the scaling capabilities, yet want to benefit from the reliability and availability provided by DB2 pureScale.

  • IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering
    provides columnar and dynamic in-memory acceleration to accelerate business intelligence workloads and also allows for the use of shadow table technology.

  • IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering
    delivers enterprise class performance management capabilities that allow you to manage performance across your DB2 deployments and integrates with your existing DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition performance management capabilities.

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Cost/Benefit Case for IBM DB2 10.5 for High Performance Analytics and Transaction Processing: Compared to Oracle Platforms

ITC-management-report-250x122cITG — International Technology Group
Management Report, March 2014

International Technology Group (ITG), established in 1983, is an independent research and management consulting firm specializing in information technology (IT) investment strategy, cost/benefit metrics, infrastructure studies, deployment tactics, business alignment and financial analysis.

IBM and Oracle have implemented new technologies in their mainstream databases, but there are differences with regard to high-performance analytics and transaction processing. Read the ITG management report to see how IBM and Oracle solutions compare in cost and technology.

The Players

The database world is undergoing unprecedented change. Data growth continues to accelerate, and database structures and contents to become more complex. New challenges must be met as Big Data technologies gain traction. Cloud computing defines new deployment and operating models. Demand for increasingly powerful analytics solutions has become pervasive.

These shifts have changed the strategies of the major database vendors. IBM and Oracle, which are the focus of this report, have implemented new technologies in their mainstream databases, introduced database appliances, and moved toward cloud solution delivery. There are, however, significant differences in competitive positioning.

This is particularly the case for two types of application – high-performance analytics and transaction processing – that are the focus of this report.

Read the full article here.


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IBM DB2 10.5HADR-300x168c

Licensing distributed servers
in a highavailability environment

IBM developerWorks article



Amyris Rada
IBM Senior Information Developer, DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Roman Melnyk, B.
IBM Canada, DB2 Information Development

Are you trying to license your IBM® DB2® Version 10.5 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® servers correctly in a high availability environment? Do you need help interpreting the announcement letters and licenses?

Customers choose DB2 because of its incredible time to value, its ability to scale and integrate across disparate environments, its robustness, and minimized down time (both planned and unplanned). In this article, we focus on the high availability (HA) aspects of DB2, especially from the licensing point of view.

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Which distributed edition of DB2 10.5 is right for you?db2-editionen-220x168
IBM developerWorks article

Amyris Rada
IBM Senior Information Developer, DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Roman Melnyk, B.
IBM Canada, DB2 Information Development

As of the April 23, 2013 announcement date, the DB2 10.5 product family consists of six pricededitions, one separately priced feature, and one no-charge package. The goal of this article is to help you to decide which edition of DB2 10.5 will best meet your needs. For each DB2 edition, this article provides a brief overview of the included functionality, licensing options, restrictions or other considerations, key changes from DB2 10.1, and an interesting customer anecdote.

Learn the details of what makes each edition of IBM® DB2® 10.5 for Linux®, UNIX®,and Windows® unique. The authors lay out the specifications for each edition, licensing considerations, historical changes throughout the DB2 release cycle and references to some interesting things that customers are doing with DB2.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • DB2 is DB2 is DB2
  • What's new in DB2 10.5
  • DB2 Express-C...  A no-charge package to build, develop, and distribute
  • DB2 Express Server Edition...  It's simple, secure, and inexpensive
  • DB2 Workgroup Server Edition...  The best choice for departmental workload consolidation with high availability
  • DB2 Enterprise Server Edition...  Unmatched scalability, resiliency,and flexibility
  • DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition...  Best in class for all ofyour departmental workload needs
  • DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition...  The real deal!
  • DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature...  Database backups and recovery made easy
  • For developers only...
  • Conclusion / Resources / About the authors

Visit IBM developerWorks and view article online ...

icon IBM developerWorks - Which edition of DB2 10.5 for you (2013-11)

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Die im Rahmen der IBM Software Partner Academy am 30.08.2013 gezeigte Präsentation von Michael Köster und Manfred Pässler (IBM), ist ein guter Kurzeinstieg in das Thema DB2 10.5.

Ausgehend von den Herausforderungen der Praxis, werden die Highlights und die funktionalen Zusammensetzungen der neuen DB2 Editionen vorgestellt. Was sind die technischen Neuerungen? Welche Edition ist für welchen Kundenkreis die richtige? Die BLU Technologie in Kürze. Welche Geschäftsmöglichkeiten ergeben sich mit den Leistungspotentialen der neuen DB2 10.5 BLU Acceleration. ( … )

icon IBM DB2 10.5 mit BLU Acceleration (2013-08)

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BLU-Jeanie-225x150IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration
Analytics at the speed of thought

Einen markigen Text hat sich die IBM für das neue DB2 Release ausgedacht. Wir haben uns gefragt welche Aussage die IBM damit verbindet und vor allem, was sich hinter dem Kürzel BLU verbirgt. Wissen Sie es?

BLINK Ultimate ist die Lösung, ein Forschungsprojekt der IBM um Data Warehouse Abfragen auf die Geschwindigkeit eines Augenzwinkerns zu bringen. Damit wäre anstelle von Kepler „Bezaubernde Jeannie“ der treffendere Arbeitsname für das neue Release gewesen.

Die Botschaft frei übersetzt: Ein ultimatives Zwinkern - und analytische Auswertungen rauschen mit der Geschwindigkeit der Gedanken dahin ..., ... wenn das nicht zauberhaft ist.

Aber zurück auf den Boden der Tatsachen, dass es sich bei BLU Acceleration um grundsolide Technik handelt und nicht um Zauberei, erfahren Sie im nachfolgenden Artikel.

icon IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

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clabbyanalytics-126x80IBM's New Move in Big Data:

Accelaration, Optimization, and an Open Source Alternative

IBM Almaden Labs, San Jose, CA, April 2, 2013 - Announcements Review

In a major, multi-faceted announcement, IBM announced yesterday that it will soon deliver “speed-of-thought” analytics using DB2 “BLU” acceleration, improvements in its Big Insights and Stream products, and a tuned-for-Hadoop PureData System. IBM also announced time series improvements in Informix database line.

What do all of these announcements mean?

Probably the biggest news in IBM’s extensive announcement is the announcement of an analytics accelerator known as “BLU” acceleration. Although classified as an accelerator, to us, BLU acceleration is more like a process that uses a series of steps to analyze a very large database ? delivering results in seconds or less as opposed to hours or days.

The remainder of this report looks at IBM’s announcements more closely.

Clabby Analytics -  April, 2013

icon IBMs New Moves in BigData

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