ENUS202 121 560xIBM Informix Dynamic Server 7
Now Available through Passport Advantage
(IBM Software Announcement ENUS202-121, dated May 28, 2002)


IBM Informix Dynamic Server 7 (IDS7):

· Delivers superior reliability which meets the needs of todays demanding e-business environment — particularly for applications requiring high-performance transactions
· Supports complex and rigorous online transaction processing requirements
· Optimizes competitive business intelligence capabilities
· Maximizes data operations for the workgroup and the global enterprise
· Provides a proven, best-of-breed database

IDS7 is available in three configuration options:

pdf.png IBM Informix Dynamic Server V7 and Selected Products Available (2002-05) ENUS202-121 HOT File Size 48.4 KB Date 2018-01-18 Download


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Product linesProduct lines

Product lines



Price filesPrice files

Price files

License textsLicense texts

License texts



Placing ordersPlacing orders

Placing orders

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OEM/ESA licensingOEM/ESA licensing

IBM OEM licensing

Informix for purchaserInformix for purchaser

Informix for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasersIBM Db2 for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasers

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Service and Support

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