ENUS210 189 560xIBM Informix V11.50 editions
deliver low-cost, feature-rich options for mid-market and large enterprise business solutions
(IBM Software Announcement ENUS210-189, dated dated May 25, 2010)


New IBM Informix editions are now available to help deploy highly scalable, more reliable, and embeddable solutions at lower cost for mid-market and large enterprise business solutions.

IBM Informix Growth Edition V11.50

Informix Growth Edition is a high performance, more reliable, easier-to-administer edition of the Informix family that helps mid-market partners and businesses develop and deploy business solutions. Features include HDR, Enterprise Replication, SQL Warehousing Tool, Label Based Access Control, and clustering up to three nodes. These features enable a road spectrum of application and solution development.

IBM Informix Ultimate Edition

Informix Ultimate Edition provides enhanced capabilities over Informix Growth Edition, including capabilities required to run enterprise-level business applications. The Storage Optimization Feature (for Compression) is available as an option and may be purchased separately.

New no-charge editions

The following no-charge editions are now available as separate offerings subject to the IBM International License Agreement for Non-warranted Programs (ILAN).

IBM Informix Innovator-C Edition V11.50

Informix Innovator-C Edition is a no-charge, non-warranted production-ready, community-edition data server that is designed to help developers, mid-market partners, ISVs, and small businesses accelerate time to value and reduce total cost of ownership. Informix Innovator-C Edition is part of the IBM Informix data server family that is designed to support autonomic administration, higher performance, and greater reliability. It includes the powerful Enterprise Replication feature that helps replicate data between two Informix Innovator-C Edition installations for scalability and availability. It also includes Informix HDR with a warm or hot standby node for automatic failover.

IBM Informix Ultimate-C Edition for Windows® and Mac OS X

Informix Ultimate-C Edition for Windows and Mac OS X is a no-charge, nonwarranted, feature-rich edition for Microsoft® Windows and Mac OS X developers, solution providers, and ISVs. Features include Partitioning, Parallel features, HDR, Enterprise Replication, SQL Warehousing Tool, Label Based Access Control, and clustering up to two nodes. The Ultimate-C Edition brings database server capabilities to the mid-market, helping customers and partners develop solutions more easily and quickly.

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