ENUS210 367 560xIBM Informix 11.7
delivers grid and enhanced embed capabilities for industry-leading flexibility, reliability, speed, and efficiency
(IBM Software Announcement ENUS210-367, dated October 12, 2010)


Informix V11.70 provides a powerful, reliable, scalable, secure and low-cost data platform for mission-critical business requirements. Informix V11.70 provides capabilities for better workload management, resource utilization, warehouse and security management as required by multi-tenant applications and service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments today for 24x7x365 operation.

Informix V11.70 delivers functions, values and quality. It delivers newlevels of performance, availability, and autonomy that will help meet customer's modern business requirements and help partners grow with minimal complexity and lower computing costs.

Informix V11.70 offers:

• More Flexibility: Informix V11.70 offers more options and choices to scale capacity, and to better manage and utilize resources. Further, Informix V11.70
provides new interoperability with several open source tools, bringing a broad set of choices for application development.
• Higher Reliability: Informix V11.70 offers enhanced autonomics and greater automation including during failure recovery.
• Higher Performance: With Informix V11.70, business transactions run faster and analytic queries run up to 50% faster than before.
• Greater Efficiency: With the ability to better utilize existing hetergenous infrastructure, an automated task scheduler, higher performance and further reduced administration requirements, Informix V11.70 offers a higher level of efficiency.

New in Informix V11.70:

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