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IBM Informix Announcement Letters

The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution!

ZP19-0171IBM software withdrawals for selected Informix versions
(IBM Europe Software Withdrawal ZP20-0409, August 25. 2020)

For some older Informix Server or Informix Tool versions, IBM support will end on September 30, 2020. Please also see Announcement ZP19-0171, dated April 9, 2019, announcing the discontinuation of Informix 11.7.x versions.

For the following Informix versions and programs, IBM will discontinue service and support (EOS) on the date shown:
Progr. ID Name Version End-of-Service  
5724-C23 IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit 3.70.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C24 IBM Informix Connect 3.50.x and 3.70.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C24 IBM Informix Connect Runtime 3.0.0, 3.50.x, and 3.70.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C45 IBM Informix Choice Edition 11.7.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C55 IBM Informix SQL 7.50.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C59 IBM Informix Image Foundation DataBlade 2.00.x 30. Sept. 2020  
5724-C66 IBM Informix 4GL Rapid Development System 7.50.x 30. April 2020  
5724-C66 IBM Informix 4GL Complier 7.50.x 30. April 2020  
5724-C66 IBM Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger 7.50.x 30. April 2020  
5724-C67 IBM Informix ESQL/C 5.20.x 30. April 2020  
5724-I35 IBM Informix 4GL Rapid Development System 3.70.x 30. April 2020  
5724-C41 IBM Informix C-ISAM 7.25.x 30. April 2020  


pdf-6328 IBM-Software-withdrawal-selected-Informix-parts-ENUSZP20-0409-(2020-08).pdf HOT File Size-6328 81.71 KB Date-6328Friday, 11 September 2020 14:03 Download



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