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    IBM DB2

    • in-memory columnar technology
    • hybrid performance
    • for analytics and warehousing workloads

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IBM today announced strong client and business partner support for the new version of its DB2 database software, now generally available. The new software - which represents the work of hundreds of IBM developers and researchers in labs around the world - adds game-changing technology called BLU Acceleration that makes it simpler, more economical and dramatically faster to analyze massive amounts of data.

“The whole concept behind DB2 with BLU Acceleration is really quite fascinating," said Andrew Juarez, a lead database administrator at Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated. "I really appreciate the approach of giving me all the benefits of a columnar database in harmony with a row-store within the same database. What IBM also has done that’s so special with BLU Acceleration is it enables us to deliver strong performance, even if the entire data set won't fit into memory. That's important because in a Big Data world, I might not be able to fit all of my data into memory, even with very high compression ratios. DB2 gives me a single solution for a vital business goal: deliver faster analytics to our users."
(IBM, Armonk, Jun-2013). 

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DB2 Documentation

59986653-120x120cHere you find the actual DB2 documentation PDFs for DB2 Version 10.1. and 9.7.

And you can find a small compilation of interesting IBM Redbooks to the topics of the DB2 field.

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50888637-130x120cCURSOR Software AG - IBM distribution customers can download here your IBM DB2 versions.

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