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developerWorks-250x51DB2 with BLU Acceleration:
A rapid adoption guide (2013-09)

You have probably heard how DB2® with BLU Acceleration can provide performanceimprovements ranging from 10x to 25x and beyond for analytical queries with minimal tuning.You are probably eager to understand how your business can leverage this cool technologyfor your warehouse or data mart. The goal of this article is to provide you with a quick andeasy way to get started with BLU. We present a few scenarios to illustrate the key setuprequirements to start leveraging BLU technology for your workload.

Naresh Chainani (Senior Software Engineer, IBM)
Weilin Lu (Advisory Software Engineer, IBM)
Alexandria Burkleaux (Manager, IBM)
Matthias Nicola (Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Silicon Valley Lab)

19 September 2013      View the document directly on IBM developerWorks website

icon DB2 with BLU Acceleration: A rapid adoption guide (2013-09)

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clabbyanalytics-126x80IBM's New Move in Big Data:

Accelaration, Optimization, and an Open Source Alternative

IBM Almaden Labs, San Jose, CA, April 2, 2013 - Announcement Review

In a major, multi-faceted announcement, IBM announced yesterday that it will soon deliver “speed-of-thought” analytics using DB2 “BLU” acceleration, improvements in its Big Insights and Stream products, and a tuned-for-Hadoop PureData System. IBM also announced time series improvements in Informix database line.

What do all of these announcements mean?

Probably the biggest news in IBM’s extensive announcement is the announcement of an analytics accelerator known as “BLU” acceleration. Although classified as an accelerator, to us, BLU acceleration is more like a process that uses a series of steps to analyze a very large database ? delivering results in seconds or less as opposed to hours or days.

The remainder of this report looks at IBM’s announcements more closely.

Clabby Analytics -  April, 2013

icon IBMs New Moves in BigData

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datamag-137x60DB2 10.5 BLU Excelleration - Super Analytics - Super Easy

Imagine a database technology that gives you 10-20 times faster performance right out of the box, requires dramatically less storage, and nearly eliminates the need for tuning. Too good to be true? - Not anymore.

IBM® DB2® 10.5 with BLU Acceleration changes everything. This revolutionary technology for complex analytic queries originated in the Blink project at IBM Research for in-memory, hardware-optimized analytics. It was then perfected and seamlessly integrated with DB2 through a collaboration between DB2 product development, the IBM Systems Optimization Competency Center, and IBM Research—adding columnar processing, broader SQL support, I/O and CPU efficiencies, and integration with the DB2 SQL compiler, query optimizer, and storage layer. BLU Acceleration is all about reducing costs and improving time-to-value by making complex analytics faster, easier, and more resource-friendly.

By Sam Lightstone, Guy Lohman and Berni Schiefer | Published April 3, 2013 | IBM data magazine

icon Introducing IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

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birte2011-182x52Background to DB2 10.5 BLU Excelleration
Blink: Not Your Father’s Database!

Guy M. Lohman
Manager, Disruptive Information Management Architectures
IBM Almaden Research Center (BIRTE 2011)

• Why and What is Blink
• Blink Market – Business Intelligence
• Blink Architecture
• It’s All About Performance!
• What’s the Big Deal?
• Behind the Curtain – The Query Engine Technology
• References and Related Work
• Next Steps
• Conclusions;

icon Blink: Not Your Father’s Database!

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DB2 10 for LUW Upgrade Best Practices

Are you responsible for upgrading your database to DB2 10 the newest version for Linux, UNIX and Windows?  Attend this presentation to learn about often overlooked but very important tips and tricks to understand before upgrading. Are you looking for details about what will change when you upgrade?

Do you know what will not change? What new features will be implemented when you create a new database versus upgrade your existing database. .Planning your upgrade is much easier if you know these best practices.

icon DB2 10 for LUW Upgrade Best Practices

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Compare the distributed DB2 10.1 database servers

In a side-by-side comparison table, the authors make it easy to understand the basic licensing rules, functions, and feature differences between the members of the distributed DB2® 10.1 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® server family as of April 30, 2012.

icon Compare the distributed DB2 10.1 database servers

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Test drive DB2 10.1 using a virtual appliance

IBM® virtual appliances allow you to easily experience the power of IBM software, such as DB2® for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®, without having to go through the setup process for either the operating system or IBM software. The virtual appliances are provided with pre-installed operating systems, and additionally, they deeply integrate IBM software in VMware virtual machines.

icon Test drive DB2 10.1 using a virtual appliance

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DB2 9: Optimierter pureXML-Datenserver für SOA-Lösungen.

Serviceorientierte Architekturen werden sehr häufig mit Hilfe  von Web-Services, einer plattformunabhängigen Sammlung  von Protokollen und Standards wie eXtensible Markup Language (XML) aufgebaut, was es unterschiedlichen Anwendungen und Systemen ermöglicht, Informationen auszutauschen. Durch unabhängige, bestimmten Spezifikationen wie Web Services Description Language (WSDL) entsprechende Web-Services entfällt der Aufwand, für jede Anwendung eine eigene Zugriffsmethode entwickeln zu müssen. Dadurch können die Entwicklungskosten gesenkt und die Anwendungsintegration vereinfacht werden.

icon DB2 9: Optimierter pureXML-Datenserver für SOA-Lösungen.

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IBM DB2 Storage Optimization Feature hilft SAP Kunden, Betriebskosten einzusparen

Die komplexe Natur von SAP Umgebungen erfordert eine effiziente und kostensparende Datenbank. Bei den enormen Datenvolumen, die in unternehmensweiten SAP Umgebungen verarbeitet werden, trägt das IBM DB2 Storage Optimization Feature nicht nur zur Senkung der Speicherkosten, sondern auch zur Optimierung der Leistungsfähigkeit bei. IBM Kunden haben in diesem Zusammenhang durch die Implementierung des DB2 Storage Optimization Feature, auch als DB2 Compression bekannt, Reduktionen beim Datenspeicher von bis zu 70 Prozent festgestellt.
Gleichzeitig konnten die Antwortzeiten des SAP Systems um bis zu 30 Prozent verbessert werden.

icon IBM DB2 Storage Optimization Feature

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IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition: eine offene, integrierte Plattform für Echtzeitentscheidungen in einer On Demand Welt

Diese Broschüre gibt Ihnen einen umfassenden Überblick über eines der erfolgreichsten Datenserverprodukte von IBM: IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition. Zudem möchten wir Ihnen einen Einblick in die IBM Strategie für den Bereich Data Warehousing und Datenanalyse geben.

icon IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition

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