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    Guardium V10 Enterprise Security

    • monitors all data access in real-time
    • detect unauthorized actions
    • based on detailed contextual information

    The who, what, where, when, and how
    of each data access!

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guardium cursor kGuardium - a new product line
in sales of CURSOR IBM Distribution

In the course of the introduction of Guardium we were very glad about the visit of Mukta Singh (Senior Manager - IBM Guardium Product Line Management / Lanexa USA).
She provided together with her German colleagues informative insights into the technology of Guardium and the environment in which Guardium is used. The expansion of the CURSOR IBM Distribution with the subject information- and data-security was embraced extraordinarily. (Mai 2011)

IBM Guardium

  • IBM InfoSphere Guardium is one of the market-leading Enterprise Security Solutions.
  • Guardium detects unauthorized accesses and prevents the abuse of business critical information and data.
  • Guardium works with all current database system, platform overleaping, application independet, centralized, without influencing the systems and in real-time.
  • Guardium supports security experts during the whole process of data security. Beginning with the identification of sensitive data in spread systems, monitoring, respectively preventing of accesses, up to extensive tests and assessments for compliance and audit proofs.
  • Please get an idea of Guardium on our pages.
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