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Guardium product family

  • IBM InfoSphere Guardium is one of the market-leading enterprise security solutions.
  • Guardium detects unauthorized accesses and prevents the abuse of business critical information and data, platform overleaping, application independent, centralized, without influencing the systems and in real-time.
  • Guardium supports security experts during the whole process of data security. Beginning with the identification of sensitive data in spread systems, monitoring, respectively preventing of access, up to extensive checks and assessments for compliance and audit proofs.
  • More than 600 companies in an enterprise environment rely on Guardium for the protection of their information.
  • Guardium in platform independent and works on all important database systems.

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Activity Monitor


InfoSphere Guardium is the simplest and most stable solution for the continuous monitoring of the access on databases and for the automatization of compliance controls in heterogeneous companies.

The solution prevents unauthorized activities by authorized members or hackers, while monitoring end users, to reveal fraud, without making alterations on databases and applications or impairing the performance.

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Data Redaction


Automatic detection and removing of sensitive contents from documents and forms

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Redaction protects sensitive data in documents and forms from unintentional revealing, by recognizing and removing private contents in open and common used documents. The solution supports also compliance requirements and prevents the revealing of sensitive data without respective authorizations and demands.

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Data Encryption


Encryption of sensitive data for ensuring of compliance

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption offers an encryption function with which you can protect structured and unstructured data, as well as fulfill branch-specific and legal regulations. This software conducts encryption and decryption process at only minimal performance impairments and requires no database, application or network adjustments.

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Vulnerability Assessment


The InfoSphere Guardium solution for vulnerability assessment examines time-controlled database structures to detect vulnerabilities and to suggest measures.

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