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Privacy as process

The protection of your data is no singular matter. A steady monitoring and adjustment to the changing interior and exterior conditions is required for the protection. Here Guardium supports the security administrators with a rotating approach in four steps.

  1. guardium-process-350x209Find and classify
    Where are the data,
    which information is sensible?
  2. Monitor and enforce
    Who accesses, what is conspicuous?
    Blocking of accesses.
  3. Audit and report
    Logging of monitoring,
    reporting for audit and complianc.
  4. Assess and harden
    Analysis of weak points,
    measure catalog.

1. Find and classify

Guardium helps to detect

  • Guardium shows, where in the systems data exist (in heterogeneous systems, e.g. in mergers, a common question.
  • Guardium helps to categorize. What interests have company, partners and customers, as well as legislator concerning the protection of data? Which data are openly accessible, which have to be graded as sensitive or secret?
  • Guardium shows who accesses these data.

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3. Audit and Reporting

  • Survey protocols, secured and only for authorized users visible.
  • Reporting, pre-configured or individually created reports.
  • Creating of a complete survey protocol

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2. Monitor and enforce

  • The capillary graded rule definitions form the guidelines for the data security.
  • Guardium expands the monitoring with a consecutive context analysis of all database accesses (The "Who, What, Where, When and How" of any SQL transaction).
  • Guardium detects conspicuous user behavior and raises alarm.
  • Guardium offers proactive real-time monitoring and enforcing of data security.
  • Guidelines for databse security and monitor and enforce changes

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4. Assess and Harden

  • Weak point, configuration and behavior assessment

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