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7x24 Performances and prices

7x24 support for critical system breakdowns (prio-1-tickets)
  • A prio-1-ticket exists, if a business critical software component has broken down or is in a critical state, so that a near breakdown is most likely. Breakdown means, that the software component's functionality is not available anymore or the use has business critical effects. The effects affect a multitude of users and need an instant solution.
  • The standard supporting times of CURSOR Software AG (CURSOR) are expanded for prio-1-tickets on 7x24, including Sunday and holidays.
  • Cursor provides a separate phone number for this support.
  • A qualified employee will receive the prio-1-ticket and begin with the active work within a maximum reaction time of two hours.
Shortage prevention
  • Because of the special meaning of business critical applications contains the support package 7x24 Preventive the offer of a monthly check-up of the software installations under maintenance.
  • The preventive observation of potential shortages of a productive environment decreases the breakdown risk extremely, so that breakdowns occur clearly rarer. Depending on the product obtains the customer, respectively ISV a tool for collecting relevant data or a guideline is provided which describes the for the check-up needed information.
  • A login in the customer system is not necessary. Based on monthly status reports it is possible to take required administrative measures.
  • The expansion of the support to 7x24 requires the existence of a normal (with CURSOR closed) maintenance contract for the respective installation. The installation's size or the number of them does not matter. The maintenance receiver is responsible for, that the demands of a monthly check-up are fulfilled.
  • CURSOR offers these services to you as solution provider (ISV) but the service can also be provided directly to your customer. Therefore we have defined two different packages:


Package IPackage II
Expansion of your maintenance contract to 7x24 Preventive Expansion of your maintenance contract to 7x24 Preventive
Monthly shortage analysis by CURSOR. Monthly shortage analysis by CURSOR.
Primary contact for first and second level support is the ISV. Including endcustomer support (support demands by the endcustomer).
The ISV offers no first and second level support outside the standard supporting times.
4.900,- Euro per installation and year. 9.900,- Euro per installation and year.

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Additional Information
  • In the course of ticket editing it might be adequate, that a CURSOR Support worker or an IBM employee has remote access to the customer system to analyze the cause and if possible to fix it. If a login of the employee is not allowed or possible we support you largely by telephone.
  • The written permission for the login can occur occasionally or generally.
  • If the system is corrupt to such an extent, that it needs to be patched, it is, because of their legal maintenance guidelines subject to the IBM.
  • Without a regular checking an expansion to 7x24 Preventive is not possible.

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