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Package II: Backup & Recovery

This package is a counsel to backup strategy. Existing service levels are being detected and checked, new service levels are being defined.

A backup strategy is essential for the supply and the availability of data in the by the company needed shape and time.

Thereby it has to be ensured, that the company's main aspects regarding measurable availability, transaction closeness or defined recovery time are being considered. Scenarios for check and test have to be developed step by step.

This package contains the analysis of the status quo and the development of operation scenarios and alternatives.

  • A support in the implementation can occur after customer request.
  • Our package "Backup and Recovery Strategy" contains mainly:
  • Analysis of existing backup components and tools
  • Analysis of existing weak spots
  • Analysis of the actual requirements
  • Definition of necessary measure criteria for the aspired strategies
  • Creation of alternative scenarios for the status quo with the goal of optimization
  • Creation of test and measure scenarios
  • Doing of a recovery test for verifying of the strategy


Because the requirements can be quite complex and in the backup scenarios usually different components appear, an intensive coordination with the customers is required to ensure the aspired SLA.

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