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Package III: High Availability


High Availability is more than Backup and Recovery.

The aim must be to evade breakdowns, respectively the supply of redundant and synchronized ways of access. Based on defined breakdown scenarios alternative ways of access in spread systems can be defined.

The main point related to Informix is here the topic Mach-11, Grid-Computing (if necessary inclusive Load-Balancing) and the Connection-Manager, respectively Failover-Arbitrator.

Our package "High Availability" contains mainly:

  • Analysis of existing requirements for High Availability
  • Analysis of involved components for ensuring data rigidity
  • Spread data infrastructure requirements (Replication, etc.)
  • Utilization of positive side effects for BI and Reporting
  • Load-Balancing etc.
  • Failover rules and scenarios

The evasion of breakdowns is a topic that is often connected with pure cluster technology. But the routing of applications has to be viewed essentially and goes beyond the claim to recover a system contemporary. Also load sharing for possible server breakdowns has to be considered. The understanding of existing accesses and the applications they are based on will be developed together with the customer.

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