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Standard support

160 F 36611148Standard maintenance is active investment security for your IBM Software and offers access to updates and Fixpacks.

If it comes to support questions, we are the direct contact persons for our customers and provide the Second-Level Support for the installed products.

Customers with standard maintenance have online access to the actual releases as soon as they are approved by the IBM. This way your installations can be kept on the latest product level and usually you have the ability to choose between the portings for particular platforms.

For the most products standard maintenance is initialized automatically for twelve months after the day of licensing. For an extension it is important to know the following terms:

IBM Renewal Extension of the product maintenance for an additional maintenance period
IBM Reinstate Resumption into the product maintenance if no extension has occurred
IBM Trade-Up Change to a superior product line (maintenance required) or change in the kind of licensing.  
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