Fix list for Informix Server 14.10.xC7 release

Release Notes


Informix Server provides periodic fixes for release 14.10. The following list is the most recent report of defect fixes for customer-reported defects in 14.10.xC7 releases. This report combines both Windows and UNIX-specific defect fixes, and is more current than the defect information included in the product release.


Fix Pack 14.10.xC7

Fix release date: 4 November 2021

Status: Recommended



IT37070 Many left outer joins and subselects causing error 874 General exception error occurred in the optimizer
IT38230 RollingFile policies Missing in IBM Documentation Site
IT34450 Documentation error about IHQ
IT37120 Concurrent queries that use reverse scan of index with many deleted entries can encounter poor performance
IT38498 On mode -c block through API on RSS, can fail to fully block leaving mreplay thread in cond wait RESUME_app and then no more Log Apply occurs until restarted
IT37197 Cdr list catalog is not showing 'replication to SPL routine' that was defined in cdr define repl
IT38221 Calling stored procedure twice throws error -9969: Corrupted collection type information
IT37050 Select from sysmaster syssqltrace fails with error -1223
IT36987 SPL conflict resolution or Post Commit Triggers potentially failing with errors 674 or 201
IT37025 Query with temp table not following external directives
IT37988 Run various dynamic SQL with different return parameters in a loop in SP they run out of sync and return 720
IT37060 Onsmsync -E exporting a Cloud Backup produces file unusable for import
IT37477 After migrating 12 - 14, a rollback of work done on spatial data can fail with "attempting rlogm_undo for subsystem (3), UDR exec failed"
IT37932 Exception during query of syssqlstat table can lead to session hang
IT37426 Dbimport -d and AUTOLOCATE do not work correctly together
IT38357 Threads can remain in critical sections for long times during loads into unlogged compressed tables
IT38120 Nonroot installations and remote SYSTEM command inside SPL error -668
IT37127 If an optimizer hint is used , a complex query causes an af with -874
IT37479 Using TRACE ON in a stored procedure with SQL statement having EXCEPT clause can cause SEGV assertions
IT37734 Select * from sysmaster:sysconblock where cbl_sessionid = dbinfo('session ID') not showing a result row
IT30874 Informix sensor mon_table_profile returns incorrect serial value when column data type is modified from serial to bigserial or serial8
IT32108 Reversion of sysha database can silently fail to lead to Assert Failure during startup of reverted version
IT37805 Select for table containing blobs fails after compressed
IT35674 Dbimport of table with text or byte column uses much system time due to locating the blob variable in file
IT34194 14.10.FCW1 dbaccess connections that perform a single insert are slower than 12.10
IT35602 There is no named key in Function genbson() on derived columns
IT35872 If logical logs are full, trying to add a new logical log through on params can hang
IT36450 --jsonsplname of cdr repl with a char or vchar column replicated that contains single or double quotation mark JSON cannot be constructed correctly
IT35515 Insufficient synchronization of (mirror chunk) reserved pages extensions among cluster nodes
IT36112 throws syntax error on HP Itanium
IT36518 'Dbaccess' does not display errors correctly in menu mode.
IT35822 MULTISET does not return data in a SELECT-UNION
IT36385 "create database" part of script created by "cdr migrate server" is expected to clearly specify server name it must occur on
IT36973 -208 error in RIS file for transactions > 65535 rows replicating to SPL due to CDR data sync thread exhausting SQL statement IDs
IT37233 If varchar change is involved, rollback of a page alters potentially corrupting the page's slot table
IT37904 2 different error handling for ANSI and No log
IT37406 Java UDRS is inserting CLOBs in default smart blobspace.
IT38486 CDC is expected to also work with group connect to, for example, a set of Connection Managers
IT38831 Alter fragment add omit first or next fragment definition of an index in a fragmented table
IT37667 There is potential for memory corruption when STMT_CACHE_QUERY_PLAN is used
IT38147 If HEN table is created in another dbspace, then the database table is not shown properly in Informix HQ user interface

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10 November 2021