data-2015-300x166Leolo Data2015 Mastermind Conference
Is Coming Again This Summer, July 8-11

Four days of visionary speakers, presentations and discussions that will supercharge your knowledge about data trends and challenges.
Plus an exciting side program of outdoor activities and fine dining with the experts. Reserve your seats!

We are now more than fired up to present what will hopefully be even bigger and better: The Data2015 Mastermind Conference 2.0 in Tyrol, Austria, packed with lectures, talks, meet'n greats - and golf and hiking events. 

Informix Online Workshops sparen Zeit
und reduzieren Kosten

Hier bekommen Ihre Mitarbeiter das richtige Know-how!


  • Individuelle Auswahl und Vorbereitung der Themen
  • Durchführung direkt am Arbeitsplatz Ihrer Mitarbeiter
  • Abgestimmt auf Ihre Termin- und Arbeitszeitplanung
  • Didaktisch sinnvolle Einheiten von 90 Minuten
  • Besonders für kleine Gruppen geeignet
  • Kein Schulungsraum notwendig
  • Keine Reisezeit
  • Keine Reisekosten

Als Full-Service-Distributor für IBM Datenbanken, liefern wir nicht nur Software, sondern geben auch das fachliche Wissen für einen erfolgreichen Einsatz an unsere Kunden weiter. Dabei führen wir Schulungen und Workshops in der Regel in eigenen Seminarräumen oder direkt beim Kunden durch. Mit unserem ersten Online-Seminar für Informix Administratoren sind wir im Frühjahr 2015 neue Wege gegangen.


55001274-JS-250x166gcWhen was the last time you flew?

Remember the start, the moment in which the jet engine unfolds its full thrust – you are pressed into your seat, the plane vibrates and the wheels leave the ground. Can you imagine that you rely completely on OEM products in this moment?

Did you know that the market leaders for airliners Boeing and Airbus do not manufacture jet engines?

The Thrust comes from Rolls-Royce or General Electric, the wheels are labeled with Continental, Michelin or Goodyear – these are some of the many OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturer - who provide airplane components - Companies which care with their products for you to start and land safely.

You fly OEM!

This principle can also be applied on good software.
Read our short introduction about IBM ASL/OEM licensing.

Start with us - Your CURSOR Software AG!


DB2-Offerings-to-add-value-250x125Businesses are increasingly interested and focused in extracting value out of their IT spending. Funds are not limitless and data management investments must be targeted and provide value to the business and business owners. Product packaging alone may not afford the flexibility required to meet these objectives, therefore, many organizations want to choose and select from the capabilities and features they require. As a result, IBM® DB2® Encryption Offering, IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering, IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering, and IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering address these needs. Organizations are able to purchase add-on solutions and capabilities, which add specific IBM DB2 capability and targeted business value to their DB2 environments.


IBM General Price Harmonization
Effective July 1 2015

Effective July 1, 2015, IBM® is announcing a worldwide price harmonization across the software product portfolio.

Passport Advantage® Express Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) and Passport Advantage Suggested Volume Prices (SVP), as applicable, for the following categories of products, are included in this announcement:

  • Passport Advantage Eligible Products from the Business Analytics, Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, Collaboration Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, Industry Solutions, Information Management, Rational®, Security Systems, and WebSphere® Brands.
  • Media and documentation packs associated with the Passport Advantage Eligible Products.
  • Selected other non-Passport Advantage Products

For most products, the following price harmonization changes will apply: