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Erik Stahlhut

CURSOR Service Distribution

We keep your IBM databases running


Monitoring Monitoring


  • Companies with existentially important databases trust in our Informix Monitoring. We prevent system failures before they occur.

  • Automated monitoring around the clock. Early detection of bottlenecks based on history data with our CURSOR Admin-Scout.

  • Administration for all installation sizes. Standard, remote or standby administration, up to 24x7 availability for systems with high availability.

  • Individual adjustments to the service levels of our customers with short response times and personal contact persons in support.

Discover more about Informix Monitoring with the CURSOR Service Distribution!



  • Requirements from all areas of data management. Service packages or individually agreed projects like:
    • Setup of replications or high availability systems;
    • Performance, runtime analysis, tuning;
    • Release, platform or cloud migration;
    • Access control, encryption, archiving.
  • CURSOR Service Distribution is a long-standing IBM High-Value Service Provider for IBM Informix.

  • Specially for Informix we offer additional online seminars, workshops and training courses.

Information about service and support, so feel free to contact us with your project!



  • Request for support services for IBM databases. Our customers benefit from the competence of more than 25 years of Informix support and system-oriented development of database tools.

  • In case of support we are the first and central contact persons. We have a direct line to the IBM and HCL support departments and are available for our customers with 24x7 agreements around the clock.

  • Even Informix customers without active IBM product maintenance can take advantage of our first-aid support.

Book a support ticket on our website or just call us!

IBM Software

for manufacturers

and technology partners

IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA)
integration of IBM software into your solution!

  • Integrate IBM software into your solution!

  • Benefit from the power of IBM software, take advantage of the attractive conditions for IBM licenses and maintenance!

  • The employees of CURSOR Service Distribution have twenty years of experience in indirect sales of IBM software (OEM/ASL/ESA licensing). We show you how to become an IBM ESA Business Partner!

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in Informix Administration



Admin-Scout for Informix

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  • The Informix tool right from CURSOR Informix Support.

  • Developed by administrators for administrators.

    With a background of over 25 years of Informix support, administration and system-oriented programming, we have been developing and distributing the Admin Scout since 2015.

  • By our Managed Service approach, the Admin Scout is suitable for almost all application areas of the Informix database system. Our customers are IT departments and administrators in commerce, banks, universities, trade and industry.


About us

the CURSOR Service Distribution

  • High-Value Service Provider for IBM Informix.

  • Distribution for IBM Data-Management Software (OEM/ASL/ESA licensing for ISVs).

CURSOR Service Distribution is a business unit of CURSOR Software AG, resulting from the acquisition of the Informix and development tool specialist "Nonne & Schneider" at the end of 2005.

We offer extensive technical services for IBM Informix, and as a high-value service provider we are the direct contact for all our customers' service needs for these databases.

Our services are independent from licensing through our company. Well-known customers rely on our monitoring and use our tools, while licensing and update maintenance are contracted directly with IBM.


CURSOR Software AG

For over 25 years CURSOR has been developing and marketing CRM solutions for the upper middle class and large concerns.

  • Together.
    Together with you we will lead your CRM project to success. Our experts offer comprehensive services from a single source: software development, consulting, software introduction, training, support - and the ongoing optimization of your CRM system.

  • Inspiring.
    We "live" CRM and want to inspire you with CRM software and services Made in Germany. The benchmark for this is the enthusiasm and loyalty of our customers - and their customers.

  • Successful.
    For 30 years the name CURSOR has stood for excellent customer and business process management - CRM and BPM. We measure our success by the satisfaction and market success of our customers. Learn more about successful CRM projects directly from our customers.

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Informix - Problem description

Problem IT05970 Status: Closed


INFORMIX SERVER / 5725A3900 / C10 - IDS 12.10
Problem description:
If you have the onconfig parameter MAX_FILL_DATA_PAGES set to 1, 
Informix Server tries to fill the data pages in tables 
containing VARCHAR columns to their maximum. The instance uses 
so called 'page free space cache' (PFSC) which holds information 
about recently used data pages and an amount of free space on 
them. When a session inserts a new row, it looks into PFSC at 
first and if no page with enough space for the new row is found 
there, the session searches the bitmap pages in the table, 
looking for pages marked as semifull (0x4). If some are found, 
the session reads the page and tries to insert the new row. If 
the free space on that page is not enough, the session continues 
in searching the bitmaps and trying the next semifull data page. 
This goes until the a page with enough free space is found and 
the row inserted. This whole process is done as a part of one 
critical section. 
In case all or a majority of the pages in the table are marked 
as semifull, but the free space on them is not enough for the 
new row, the session can potentially read the whole table before 
it finds the proper data page. In case there are more sessions 
doing the same type of 'long row' insert into the same table at 
the same time and they enter their critical section just before 
a checkpoint occurs, the instance can get blocked in the 
checkpoint for a very long time (possibly up to tens of minutes; 
depends on the configuration and performance of your system). 
The symptoms are: 
- 'onstat -u' output shows several sessions in critical section, 
all but one waiting on the same buffer: 
address          flags   sessid   user     tty      wait 
tout locks nreads   nwrites 
7000000805412c8  ---PX-- 21       informix 3        0 
0    2     42       0 
700000080542338  B--PX-- 22       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080543be0  B--PX-- 25       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080544418  B--PX-- 24       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080544c50  B--PX-- 23       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080545488  B--PX-- 26       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080545cc0  B--PX-- 27       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
7000000805464f8  B--PX-- 28       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080546d30  B--PX-- 29       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080547568  B--PX-- 30       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080547da0  B--PX-- 31       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
7000000805485d8  B--PX-- 32       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080548e10  B--PX-- 33       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080549648  B--PX-- 34       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
700000080549e80  B--PX-- 35       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
70000008054a6b8  B--PX-- 36       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
70000008054aef0  B--PX-- 37       informix 6 
700000012c377b0  0    2     0        0 
- 'onstat -X' shows that the buffer everyone is waiting on holds 
a bitmap page (pgflgs 0x804) 
Buffers (Access) 
address          owner            flags pagenum          memaddr 
nslots pgflgs scount   waiter 
700000012c377b0  7000000805412c8  80    3:1023 
70000001f6ea000  0      804    0        700000080542338 
- 'onstat -g stk' for the main_loop thread shows it's in 
wait4critex() call 
- 'onstat -g ppf <partnum>' for the table into which the 
sessions are inserting will show a huge and ever growing numbers 
in bfrd and bfwrt 
Partition profiles 
partnum    lkrqs lkwts dlks  touts isrd  iswrt isrwt isdel bfrd 
bfwrt    seqsc rhitratio 
0x300043   90    0     0     0     0     31    0     0 
26403161 24799999 0     94
Problem Summary:
* USERS AFFECTED:                                              * 
* ALL DBUsers                                                  * 
* PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         * 
* See Error Description                                        * 
* RECOMMENDATION:                                              * 
* Update to IBM Informix Server 12.10                          * 
Local Fix:
Problem Fixed In IBM Informix Server 12.10
not known / see Local fix
Date  - problem reported    :
Date  - problem closed      :
Date  - last modified       :
Problem solved at the following versions (IBM BugInfos)
Problem solved according to the fixlist(s) of the following version(s)
12.10.xC5 FixList
12.10.xC5.W1 FixList