• 1.) Distribution Skyline (21.02.2018)
    IBM Software
    special offers for OEM ISVs/TPs
  • 2.) Monitoring relaxed (12.09.2019)
    Informix Monitoring
    relaxed - thanks to the CURSOR Informix Team
  • 3.) Admin-Scout (12.09.2019)
    the best tool for Informix administrators
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CURSOR Service Distribution for IBM Databases

IBM Software and Services for Independent Software Vendors

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IBM Software

  • IBM OEM software for integration into partner solutions (IBM ESA licenses for ISV's).
  • Take profit of IBM's special licensing and pricing models for software vendors and service providers.
  • Become an IBM Embedded Solution Software Partner (ESA-BP).
  • We provide you with independent advice and assistance throughout the whole partnership.
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  • Our strength are services covering the entire data management:
    from planning, optimization and administration to the migration of your databases.
  • We have the experience of more than 25 years of Informix support with
    system-oriented development of application- and monitoring tools.
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  • We offer individual and detailed support concepts for Informix, including 7x24 availability.
  • In case of support we are the first and direct contact for our customers.
  • Even Informix customers without IBM product maintenance can use our First-Aid support.
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Monitoring & Tools

  • Supporting administration and monitoring of IBM databases on customers behalf. 
  • Development and use of own monitoring and administration tools.
  • Test the CURSOR Admin-Scout for Informix here on our website. 

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OEM/ESA licensingOEM/ESA licensing

IBM OEM licensing

Informix for purchaserInformix for purchaser

Informix for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasersIBM Db2 for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasers

Service und SupportService und Support

Service and Support

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