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Informix Administration 24x7 Support

Scout-Ultimate / 7x24 Support

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Standard administration with 7x24 support for systems in high availability environments.
Preventive monitoring, alerting, short response times and known direct contact persons in our support.
Scout-Ultimate is calculated per instance and on a monthly fee - orderable from 1.800, - Euro

Scout-Ultimate includes the same features as Scout-Admin and additionally a 7x24 hours support with short response times. Performance data and system statuses are monitored and evaluated daily via our monitoring. Alerts are sent to the customer's administration and directly to CURSOR Informix support. Our support staff will check the messages for any need for action and initiate the necessary steps. All administrative activities are coordinated and carried out in consultation with the customer's IT department.

The Scout-Ultimate Standby applies to Prio-1 cases (system down) outside of CURSOR's regular business hours. Customers have direct telephone contact with one of our support staff.

  • Informix Administration by CURSOR in collaboration with your IT department
  • Daily monitoring and direct integration of CURSOR Informix support in reports and alarms
  • Standard administration during normal office hours
  • 7x24 Standby support with short response times for Prio-1 cases
  • Price from 1.800, - Euro/month per Informix instance
  • For non-productive instances (test, backup) please ask for our special conditions
  • Active Admin-Sscout service period
  • Network connection to the Admin-Scout appliance for our service staff
  • Skype, Teamviewer and/or other communication software
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