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Welcome to your Admin-Scout demonstration session!

The following tools are available:


Dear Visitor,

the Admin-Scout demo session runs within a VM on an Informix Innovator-C database.

You can test all features of the Informix OAT / Admin-Scout Edition and the Icinga Web 2 system monitoring tool.

However, you have no access to the items Configuration, Time Settings and Backup/Restore. Here we offer slide shows for an overview.

Installed Versions

Scout Version Version: 1.4.4-0
OAT-Plug-in's Author Version Enabled
- CURSOR Plug-in's CURSOR Software AG 1.4.4 Yes
- Schema Manager IBM 3.17.2 Yes
- Replication IBM 3.17.2 Yes
- Health Advisor IBM 3.17.2 Yes
- JSON IBM 3.17.2 Yes
- TimeSeries IBM 3.17.2 Yes
- IBM Example IBM 3.17.2 No
OpenAdminTool Version 3.17.2

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