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Informix products lifecycle (EOS)

Here you find the actual subversion to each main version. You see when the EOS (End-of-Support) of the respective main version is pronounced. Anytime a new Informix-Version is provided on IBM Fix-Central this table will be actualized immediately. If you want to be informed by us when a new version is provided by the IBM please subscribe to our Release Info Newsletter. This newsletter is exclusively used to inform about the publication of new releases. Here you can see the previously posted newsletters.

Current question from a user in the IBM TechXchange Community:

Is it worth migrating to Informix 14.10 if version 15.x is coming out this year?

Summary of Carlton Doe's (IBM) response:

IBM's policy is to support a current release and one behind. So when Informix 15 is released later this year, it is reasonable to assume that an announcement for V.12.10 end-of-life process will be made. It is an announcement only and will include the dates when IBM will stop selling Informix v.12.10 and when V.12.10 will no longer be part of the regular technical support process. This period of time will cover several years. For example, IBM may say "no new sales after 6 months" and "regular technical support ends in 3 years" in order to give customers plenty of time to migrate to a supported version. Even after x years and the product reaches end-of-support, you do have the option to purchase extended support contracts for a version if needed. IBM will not, simply flip a switch and stop supporting a product without years of advance notice.

So if I was you, plan now to migrate to 14.10, not just because its supported and will be supported for a long time into the future but for all the enhancements and bug fixes that 14.10 contains.

(Read the original - Link to the IBM TechXchange Community)

Overview Informix Server

Current version PublishedEOS

Overview Informix Client-SDK

Current versionPublishedEOS

View extended lifecycle tables for Informix here!

Call up our extended lifecycle tables, here you will find almost all versions across the product family!

lifecycle table blue 1022x100

1.) Select the product you are looking for from the list.

2.) A tooltip gives you a preview of the available lifecycle information.

3.) Click on the product name, the detailed information will be displayed.

  • General Availability (GA), the date from which a version/release of the product is available to all users, regardless of language or medium.
  • End of Marketing (EOM), the date when a part number is no longer active and cannot be ordered anymore via the standard price lists.
  • End of Support (EOS), the date on which IBM discontinues standard support services for a particular version or release of a Product.

For many products you can follow the references directly to the IBM Announcements!

extendet lifecyle information

lifecycle table blue 1022x100

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