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Service and support for Informix

Our service is as individual as your demands!

We offer single requests and advisory services on an hourly basis.
For projects and regular services we will make individual agreements with each of our customers.

For your orientation we offer a few service packages on our website.
We would be pleaesd if we could adjust a service package to your needs.

  Informix Support - telefonische AnfrageInformix Support - telefonische Anfrage  


• project planning

• project assistance

• installation planning

• consulting

• auditing

• documentation


• data warehouse

• enterprise replication

• high availability

• virtualization

• cloud migration


• run-time analytics

• slow statements

• performance tuning


• Standard Admin

• Remote Admin

• Standby Admin


• control/tracing

• alerting

• improvement


• 2nd-level support

• 7x24 Support


• installation

• configuration

• migration

• trade-up


• import/export

• backup/recovery

• migration

• interfaces

• compression

• acces control

• data security

• archiving


• online workshops

• online training

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Informix Service - Overview standard products

installation 400x200cInformix / Installation

Assign CURSOR to plan and setup your Informix database system.

  • Evaluation of the characteristic of the customer applications (Solutions) which access the data base (OLTP, DSS)
  • Analysis of the involved interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, etc.)
  • Analysis of the infrastructure (local, remote, 2-tier, 3-tier, ...)
  • User and access analysis (number, behavior)
  • Calculation of the needed ressources (network, RAM, storage, CPU, ...) per user and total
  • Planning of the installation of possible Client-Software (CSDK, ISQL, etc.) and interfaces to third systems (via ODBC, JDBC, etc)
  • Planning and documentation of the DBMS' primary configuration
  • Consideration of security scenarios in terms of availability, max. Downtime, memory and hardware services

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Informix / Backup & Recoverybackup 400x400c

A backup strategy is essential for the supply and the availability of data in the by the company needed shape and time.

  • Analysis of existing backup components and tools
  • Analysis of existing weak spots
  • Analysis of the actual requirements
  • Definition of necessary measure criteria for the aspired strategies
  • Creation of alternative scenarios for the status quo with the goal of optimization
  • Creation of test and measure scenarios
  • Doing of a recovery test for verifying of the strategy

view product de 600x109Because the requirements can be quite complex and in the backup scenarios usually different components appear, an intensive coordination with the customers is required to ensure the aspired SLA.

availability 400x400cInformix / High Availability

The aim must be to evade breakdowns, respectively the supply of redundant and synchronized ways of access.

  • Analysis of existing requirements for High Availability
  • Analysis of involved components for ensuring data rigidity
  • Spread data infrastructure requirements (Replication, etc.)
  • Utilization of positive side effects for BI and Reporting
  • Load-Balancing etc.
  • Failover rules and scenarios

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Informix / Performance Tuningservice performance 400x400c

Performance tuning essentially includes:

  • Configuration analysis based on experience and version information of the DBMS
  • Analysis of the protocol files regarding performance relevant entries
  • Interrogation and evaluation of problem zones in particular application fields with the goal to analyze concrete execution times
  • SQL Tracing with the goal of execution optimization on the database or alternatively in operation directives directed to development
  • Analysis of shortage factors (resource stress)
  • Optimization advices
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service migration 400x400cInformix / Migration & Trade-Up

Performance-Tuning essentially includes:

  • Analysis of SQL specifications of the source and target DBMS
  • Use of interfaces and ways of access on the DBMS
  • Analysis of access routes and the clients involved
  • Advices for necessary adjustments of interfaces, schemes or applications
  • Definition of data migration and Trade-Up paths
  • Determination of chronological frame conditions and if necessary parallel data availabilities (Grid)
  • Check-up of the system and data consistence after finishing the migration or the Trade-Up

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