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Zufriedener Administrator, Informix Support mit CURSOR

Informix Monitoring - References and Examples

Here you will find special problems and their solutions - get an idea of our services!
  • We support customers who are active in security-relevant areas or customers who use Informix as a central and sensitive part of their data infrastructure. In this context, all examples were made anonymous.
  • For a personal reference, we will be happy to arrange direct contact for you - please contact us!
  • Informix 271 Could not insert new row - downtime prevented

    Informix 271 could not insert new row -
    downtime prevented

    For our customers, we monitor existentially important and time-critical database systems.
    For comprehensive monitoring and alerting, we naturally use our own tool, the Admin Scout for Informix.

    In this real-life example, a parameter has reached the defined alarm threshold.
    The Admin-Scout sends an e-mail to CURSOR Informix Support:


    Notification Type: PROBLEM
    Service: informix-checkalert
    Alert color: RED

    database: tablename has 16777215 pages, free are 1248744 pages
    pagesisze is 2k maximum is 16.7 Mio pages


    Meaning of the alarm

    A table has allocated the maximum number of pages and the free pages are less than 10%.
    As soon as the free pages are already used, all attempts to write to this table are aborted.

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