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Admin-Scout for Informix

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  • The Informix tool right from CURSOR Informix Support.

  • Developed by administrators for administrators.

    With a background of over 25 years of Informix support, administration and system-oriented programming, we have been developing and distributing the Admin Scout since 2015.

  • By our Managed Service approach, the Admin Scout is suitable for almost all application areas of the Informix database system. Our customers are IT departments and administrators in commerce, banks, universities, trade and industry.



The Admin-Scout for Informix

  • Welcome to the Admin-Scout
    CURSOR Admin-Scout - the ultimate tool for Informix administrators
  • ICC - Informix Control Center
    Start your Informix Control Center (ICC)
  • Dashboard overview
    Gain a quick overview with the ICC Dashboard
  • Storage Administration
    Central administration for all Informix databases in a network
  • Top Table Report
    Top Table Report - concentrated information about all important tables
  • Slow Statements
    Faster queries - find slow statements and sequential scans
  • SQL Editor
    New syntax-highlight SQL-Editor
  • Icinga
    use Icinga 2 for system monitoring
  • Intel x86 VM
    Admin-Scout is available on Intel-x86 (VM)
  • Demo-Session starten
    You want to test the Admin-Scout life? Click here and start a demo session ...
  • Mehr erfahren?
    You want to know more? Click here to arrange a guided tour with us ...

A separate server for monitoring, administration and tuning of Informix databases




Managed services

  • fully installed
  • analyze
  • optimize
  • administrate
  • system administration
  • additional sensors
  • automated surveilance
  • selective alert (24x7)
  • minimize downtimes
  • simplify maintenance
  • take the load of administrators
  • 150,- Euro per month
  • Managed services model
  • monthly terminatable
  • additional services available
  • cheaper than a man-day per year

Support for Informix Administrators

You are an administrator and responsible for the availability of your company’s database? 
Your support means to be on standby around the clock with short reaction times and high pressure in the case of a problem?

Look ahead and simplify the administration of your IBM Informix data base systems. Reduce the effort with automatized monitoring and alarming.
Get direct an overview of the important performance parameters of your system. Use the Admin-Scout Dashboard for a quick overview and the drill-down function for the details.

Optimize the performance and response times of your applications. Analyse the performance over daily or weekly periods. Switch on the SQL trace to find time-intensive statements.

Focus on the essentials and use the Admin-Scout for automated monitoring. The alarm system of the Admin-Scout is finely configurable and reports alarms priority-controlled. Stay undisturbed by trivialities and recognize immediately if it really burns.

Our best practice toolbox relieves administrators in their daily work:
  • Easiest way to start with Informix administration
  • access to all Informix instances in the corporate network
  • configuration and administration via a central tool
  • automation, monitoring, prioritized alarming
  • dashboards and meaningful reporting
  • bottleneck analysis, evaluation of performance data with detailed diagrams
  • automation of tasks (task scheduling)
  • combined database and system monitoring
  • Best practice plug-ins from CURSOR Informix Support
  • Informix service and support up to 24x7 additionally on top

We will be pleased to send you further information.
Ask for our low-rent conditions.
Take the chance to test the Admin-Scout for one month free.

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Current information about the Admin-Scout development can be found in our Newsblog!

Admin-Scout Newsblog