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Admin-Scout Intel x86

Admin-Scout / Intel-x86 Package

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Monitoring and tuning with the Best Practice Toolbox for Informix administrators.
Install virtual appliance and use CURSOR Plug-Ins for 12 months.
Software Package, orderable from 1.800,- Euro for 12 month service
Product details

Admin-Scout for Informix - Software Packages and Services

The Admin-Scout provides an easy way to administrate Informix via one central web server:

  • Combined database and system monitoring;
  • Best practice Plug-Ins from CURSOR Informix support;
  • Access to all Informix instances on the corporate network;
  • Configuration and administration of almost all database parameters via one tool;
  • Dashboards and meaningful reporting for a quick overview;
  • Bottleneck analysis, performance optimization, SQL trace;
  • Automation of operations (task scheduling);
  • Granular monitoring and prioritized alerting;
  • Logging and evaluation, printable reports.

The package includes the provision of an Admin-Scout with system and monitoring software as a virtual appliance, as well as service and update services for a period of 12 months.

  • Informix version of the servers at least Release 11.70 or higher.
  • Virtual machine, VM-Player Software (e.g. VMware Workstation Player, Release 9 or higher).
Admin-Scout demo session
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Start here an Admin-Scout demo session in a new window

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